Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Will the BOBCAT!!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stomach Bug Part 2

Now I have it. Blech.

I just wanted to post this because there are few people I owe email responses to and I just wanted y'all to know it's gonna be awhile longer...

Praying this sickness leaves our house soon...

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Just a quick minute to write a few things down....

William, age 7 1/2: "Daddy called me 'silly,' that means I'm dignified... whatever that means!" LOL!

After tasting something (and not liking it - shock, I know... haha), William tells me, "It's kind of bitter, I think it needs a secret ingredient."


Nathan, age 4, who is still pretty quiet until he's LOUD, made me giggle so hard last night. It's probably not funny from just a regular kid, but because he doesn't say a whole lot, I really cracked up! :)

As he was getting into the bath and squatting down to sit in the water, "OUCH! That burned my butt!"

Nathan also LOVES nuts. Pecans are his favorite, especially since he can just go outside, scoop a few off the ground and (attempt) to crack them. You just don't know how many times my nut cracker went missing this past season!

Anyway, I bought some cashews at the store, told him they were my favorite and we shared some. Later in the day, he brought me the bag asking for more "tap shoes" or "cap shoes"!


Witt, age 2 1/2, now says "bana" for banana instead of just calling it a "yella" (yellow).

Witt also has a small collection of stuffed frogs, and it's a little embarrassing to hear him say "frog". He removes the "r", and changes the "g" to a "k". I'll leave you to figure out what word it sounds like. ;)

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stomach Bug

We've been hit by the stomach bug.

Oh, and my washer AND dryer died last week right before it hit.

The new ones aren't supposed to arrive until the end of the month.

No fun and Not Fair.

Just had to whine a minute.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Look Mommy! I'm a Spider Web!


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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rise and Shine

Witt, age 2 1/2, singing:

Rise and Shine

and Give God the Glory


and Shine!


Give God the Glory!

Children of the Lord

And if you were intrigued by the initial song of Jingle Bells, you can see that HERE. :)

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Pocket Rock Part 2

... and within 12 hours...

he lost it.

Oh well. :)

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pocket Rock

While trying to make our decision regarding surgery for Will's toe walking, my educational consultant friend that works with gifted kids suggested a worry stone for Will. It would be a sensory experience for him that would help replace the toe walking sensory experience.

Will has been collecting rocks lately (and losing them... lol!), and I asked him if he had any smooth ones. Nope, not a rock in site. So I raided my jewelry box and found a stone on a keychain that my mom had made for me that was slightly bigger than a half-dollar. It's red, round, thin, and oh so smooth! We'll give it a shot! (Thanks, mom! Hope you don't mind that I disassembled your keychain!)

I sat down with Will and told him that the rock is for him only and it's supposed to stay in his pocket. When he wants to walk on his toes, he's supposed to put his hand in his pocket and rub the stone. He can also take it out of his pocket to rub it, flip it, or transfer it from hand to hand, but he's always supposed to put it back in his pocket.

We're going to call it his pocket rock or pocket stone.

I told him he is allowed to use it when he's anxious or scared about something, too. When he doesn't understand something (usually it's mechanical or electrical) he really kinda flips out on the anxious scale. His voice gets a higher pitch and he dances around until someone explains how it works or why he doesn't need to worry about it.

He seemed VERY receptive to the idea of the pocket rock. He asked why he needed it and I simply told him that we are going to try to get his brain to stop thinking about his toes and start thinking about the stone. He took that in very well, too. :)

Granted it's only been 20 minutes, but I've ALREADY seen a decrease in his toe walking. I know it'll get harder as time goes on because the stone is new and fresh on his mind, but hey... it's an improvement! :)

Other things we're working on while we make our decision:

  • Go shopping for some high-top lace-up "farmer type" boots soon
  • Also get walking shoes instead of running shoes that encourage heel-toe walking
  • Continue with stretches as much as possible (3 times a day just might not happen...)
  • Keep shoes on him as much as possible as his toe walking is even more exaggerated when barefoot.
  • Professional pediatric PT weekly sessions
  • Gentle reminders to heel/toe walk
  • More research on how to correct the sensory seeking aspect of toe walking (yes, I have an engineering brain. LOL!)
Anyway, I'm pleased with the pocket rock so far and I hope it will continue to be a good source of mental redirection for Will.

Well, I need to go do... the dishes and the laundry and the bed sheets and the sweeping and the food prep....

... maybe I need a pocket rock, too! :)

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Surgery or Therapy?

{WARNING: LONG POST. I want to get all this info down so I don't forget what everyone has said. So many differing opinions, it's hard to keep it all straight! Plus as a bit of a disclaimer, I didn't reread this post... forgive grammatical, spelling, and incoherent thought errors. I'm tired and worn out. Thanks. :) }

Will, now age 7 1/2, started walking on his toes when he was about 2 years old. I was told that he would outgrow it as it was just a habit. Then when he was 5, I brought it up to his (new) pediatrician and after watching Will walk, he referred us to a (somewhat) local orthopedist.

The orthopedist did his evaluation and watched Will walk, too. He said it was habit and that Will should outgrow it. He said no physical therapy was needed and to not even bother drawing attention to it. He did, however, throw in the statement that if he hadn't stopped walking on his toes by age 8, he would probably need surgery to lengthen the tendons so he could physically walk flat-footed.

So that's what we did. We left it alone and ended up just watching it continue.

Summer of 2009, Will began having terrible headaches and we went to a chiropractor. The chiropractor basically said his hips were out of alignment because of the toe walking which in turn landed him some pretty harsh headaches. The chiropractor was able to bring the count of headaches from 6/week down to 2 in 4 months time. Very nice!

During the time with the chiropractor, Will began walking flat-footed occasionally as well. I figure at some point his hips were hurting so badly that the toe walking helped with the pain and once the hip stopped hurting he was more able to land flat-footed. It's a theory anyway. I estimate that his toe walking/toe standing went from 95% of the time down to about 85% of the time. So while it was a decrease, he was still on his toes a lot.

Shortly after we began seeing the chiropractor, Will had his annual well visit with his pediatrician. I mentioned that the toe walking was still going on and he recommended another orthopedist. I'm not sure if the first one was pediatric or not, but this second one is. He comes from Birmingham once a month to see the patients in the area. He's the guru 'round these parts and I've been told he's one of the best nationally. We'll call him Dr. K.

So we saw Dr. K about 10 days ago. He evaluated Will and watched him walk, but Will wouldn't walk on his toes. He tried so so hard to walk flat-footed, and it was much like a duck walk. Even without the high tip toe demonstration, Dr. K said that no boots, casts, or stretches would be able to fix the problem. Our only option would be surgery to lengthen the tendons. Basically he said that if we don't do the surgery and leave him 'as is', there will most likely be degeneration of the fronts of his feet, with severe callousing, and his feet & leg bones will grow improperly. Oh, and the brain hard-wires itself between 6 - 8 years of age on how to walk. Great.

My understanding is that the surgery is a quite "easy" one, but it does require Will to be "put under," and any anesthesia is scary to me. The procedure would be a few small incisions and they would poke tiny holes in his Achilles tendon to weaken it and allow it to lengthen. Although it is technically an out-patient surgery, he would have a 23 hour stay at Children's Hospital in Birmingham because he's young. He would come home in non-loadbearing casts that he would have to wear for two weeks. They would equip us with a child's wheelchair as well. After that, he would be in load-bearing casts for another two weeks. After that, 7 - 10 days in special boots and then finally after that in his regular shoes.

If we do the surgery now, he could be in his regular shoes by summer.

At first I was in agreement with the surgery, although it scares me terribly. But being the engineering folks that we are, we begin to poke around and ask different people for differing opinions. And here's where it gets hairy. So if you've stuck with this post for this long, try to stay with me. :)

The pediatric physical therapist pegged Will as a sensory seeking, gifted child. She said that when you have a gifted child, their brains like to work... a lot. He stands on his toes to keep sensation going. She equated it to sitting in church during a boring sermon. When you start to fall asleep, you move around to keep your brain stimulated and awake. Same for him, it's just all the time. If you have spent any time with Will, you know that his brain is ALWAYS going. I tend to believe that this why he started walking on his toes. Although he is walking on his toes for the sensation and not because of a physical deformity, the therapist is in agreement with Dr. K about having the surgery. She also mention that sometimes toe walking does return in sensory seeking kids.

We have a personal friend that is also a PT (but not pediatric). He said that if it were his child he would exhaust all other options before committing to surgery. He seems to believe that since Will is still growing, that the tendon and muscles should also continue to grow and stretch. (I believe that's what he said anyway. :) )

So, if you're keeping count, that's two orthopedist that say surgery by age 8. 1 PT that says Yes and 1 PT that says No.

Then, bring in another friend that is an educational consultant that deals with gifted children and knows about sensory seeking kids, too. (She's nationally recognized for her work, I just happen to be lucky enough to know her as a friend in real life and get free consultations! ;] ) Anyway, while she agrees that Will may be at a point where he does truly need the surgery, she suggested that we work through the sensory issues first while doing physical therapy and give it until August. When I mention the hard-wiring of the brain by age 8 (which will be September for Will), she enlightens me that while that is true for most kids, gifted kids don't hard-wire those motor skills until closer to 11. Good to know. :)

Today we went to see our chiropractor who also "votes No" to the surgery. He agrees that the sensory issue needs to be taken care of or the toe walking could just come back. Plus he, personally, had a similar surgery at age 12 and has had problems with his Achilles tendons his whole life.

So that's two more votes for No surgery, bringing the professional votes total to 3 YES and 3 NO. Nice, huh?

I now go back and forth on what the "right" answer is. I don't know that there truly is a right answer.

Please pray for guidance and direction regarding this decision. I need to turn this over to God and realize that no matter what Jeff & I decide, He is in control of Will's life.

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{And HERE is our decision}