Friday, December 13, 2013

Adding to Our List: Pecans

I was cooking supper and Witt sat on the couch. (I can see the couch from the kitchen.)  Surprisingly, he started screaming, 


As soon as I heard him scream, I grabbed the Benedryl from the cabinet, poured him some, and told him to come to me.  I asked him if he'd just eaten anything and he said, "Yes. Nuts."

I told him to take the Benedryl and he started crying. Shouting, "NO!" and then ran down the hall.  (He hates taking medicine.) I continued to talk to him in a very rushed voice and told him that he had to take it or the itching might get worse and we'd have to go to the hospital to get a shot.

He finally took it and within just a minute he said it was getting better. Small hives started creeping onto his face and I checked his torso. Thankfully there weren't any hives there. I asked about his throat and he said it felt fine. Then he asked what the bump was on his lip.

I asked him when he noticed it. If it had been there all day? He said he didn't know. I asked him if he just noticed it after eating the nuts and he said yes.  I asked about his tongue and he said it was all itchy, but was better now. 

I asked him about the nuts. Turns out he and Nathan were cracking and snacking on pecans. I asked how many he'd eaten and he said, "About four".

I was a little surprised because he's had pecans plenty of times, even recently. Plus, pecans were negatives on both his skin test and blood test.   

Once I was sure the Benedryl was working, I snapped the pictures so I could show Jeff when he got home.  That poor bottom lip.  :( 

I am so glad he was able to tell me what the problem was and I could get the Benedryl in him as quickly as I did.  I've seen pictures of MUCH worse.  

Today, I call the doctor and ask for an epi-pen prescription. 

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