Monday, February 27, 2012

Dr. Seuss on a Budget

When my Mother-in-Law keeps the boys, one of my favorite things to do is shop the local thrift stores. Usually for books! This past week, I had such the opportunity. :) YAY!

It was a great day for book shopping, too! I found all kinds of books on presidents (a study that is coming up shortly at our house), an assortment on different types of animals (beetles, belugas, arctic penguins, etc), several early readers for Nathan and more advanced readers for Will (who is DEVOURING books at night before bed!).

I was also on the look-out for Dr. Seuss books with hopes of including them in our "celebration" of his birthday on March 2.  Not only did I score two of his books for less than $1 each, I also lucked into a Dr. Seuss 4-Board Game Treasury (ages 4-8) for less than $1! WOO HOO!


We already have "I Can Do That":

So now we're set for a day of games! (Perfect for this time of year while we're all under the weather.)

I've also set up a Dr. Seuss Pinterest Board for many of the Dr. Seuss activities I've found online. I believe everything I've pinned is FREE, too! 

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