Thursday, July 10, 2014

Weight Loss

I've lost almost 20 pounds in the last 3 months. I'd like to lose another 35 by Christmas of this year.

I've been miserable looking at myself. My clothes didn't fit, but I refused to buy more. So much in fact that even now, 20 lbs lighter, I still haven't had to buy new clothes. They just finally fit like they are supposed to.

infographic_good_fat_vs_bad_fat_HQI have been eating low-carb, moderate protein, high fat (good fats). No exercise and I've been loosing about 1.5 pounds/week on average.  I do plan on including exercise, but you know what, I need to lose some weight first. I know that sounds crazy, but I just don't have it in me to start exercising yet. I assume it's a mental commitment just like choices of what to put in my mouth.  I know I'll get to the point of wanting exercise, but I'm not there yet.

Part of what keeps me making better choices is the physical health problems I have when I make bad food choices. I get migraines from too much sugar when I've been off it for awhile.  I also get TERRIBLE low-carb "flu" when I go through the induction process. It takes me about 4 days IN THE BED for my body to detox from carbs/sugar.

I've never stuck with a "diet" for 3 months before. I think the difference is that I now see this as a life change. I plan to have occasional treats, but I also plan to make better choices overall. I finally see that it's all about choices. I'm not depriving myself if I really don't want it.

I have been very conscious about asking myself, "Do you really WANT that or are you going to eat it just because it's there?"  Since I've started asking myself this (and am past my carb-detox), I have found that I really don't want it. So I don't eat it. I've taken the boys out for ice cream without getting any for myself and did not felt deprived because I just didn't want it. I have ALSO gone out for ice cream with the boys and have purchased a little for myself when I do want some. I've got to live, but I've got to be deliberate in my choices.

I totally see where losing weight is not a matter of willpower, but a matter of changing your mindset. I by no means have this conquered, but I think it's important for me to write this down to be able to come back to it when I stumble.

(This is my first journal entry "required" by NO CAKE TILL CHRISTMAS. :)

Want to join me on my journey?

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I'm read several LCHF groups on facebook, but I think 90 Day LC Challenge is my favorite for newbies.

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