Friday, February 26, 2010

Disappearing Milkshake

So, I made milkshakes the other day. Yes, I know it's cold, but the boys love ice cream. Really, really love ice cream!

Anyway, I put Witt's Glass Dharma Shorty Straw in place and went to find him to let him know it was ready. Don't you just love these straws?!

When I came back through the kitchen (still looking for Witt), the milkshake was gone! Will had his milkshake and Nathan has his milkshake, but I still hadn't found Wittman to give him his.

My first stop was the living room, then the toy room, and then the boys' bedroom. I even went back through the kitchen again and then checked the bathroom. No sight or sound of Witt.


I found him...

Somehow he climbed up on our (yes, unmade) king-sized bed with milkshake in hand and settled himself down to watch a cartoon! That little stinker!

As a side note... yes, I am still so very thankful when I see him have dairy. :)

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Glass Straws and a Taste Test

I decided that the boys and I would do a taste test of O.N.E.'s coconut waters. I've seen them at our local grocery store and always wondered about them, so last week I decided to pick up four of them. Below is our lineup: pineapple, plain, guava, and mango (with Will doing school work in his pjs. :] )

To make it more interesting, we used our new glass straws! I tell you what, those fun glass straws from glassDharma even got my picky kid to try something new! :) Here he is with the green Decorative Dots straw:

Then there were the other two little "suckers" (lol!); Witt, with his Shorty Straw, liked the pineapple and Nathan liked the mango.

Will might have been happy to oblige the tasting just get out of doing his schoolwork, though. :) His response to the mango flavored one, "I just need to get used to it."But he did take a few more sips.

Personally, I liked them all, except the mango... I don't like mangoes. I think these would be exceptionally refreshing after a physical workout.

Now, I left the room purposefully to leave the boys with the glass straws. I wanted to give them a good durability testing.

I came back to two "mad scientists" mixing, stirring, and pouring all the drinks together!

This one CRACKS! ME! UP!

While the straws held up beautifully against the two little mad scientists, the resulting drink was pretty nasty. LOL!


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Create Your Own Animal

We've been studying animals and how they are classified. Moving Beyond the Page has done a great job integrating math, social studies, and science into this section, plus they did a fine job integrating some imagination and art along the way! It's been so interesting to see that some of the things I would have left out had I been making the curriculum are the things that interest Will the most!

Here's the information about his animal that he created:

god of the steel gods

insect wit 6 legs

Does it have a thorax?
No, 1 large hard shell on his back, but he can roll up in a ball
It has feelers and eyes.
And a very delicate mouth... that means it could break easily.
It also has a small bug-poisoning tail - for insects, NOT people!


Grasshoppers and other insects that destroy gardens (oh, and crows, too!)


Can you draw me a picture?

I thought I'd add the descriptions so you could get a better understanding for the drawing. :) I think this would be a great little insect to have around when gardening time comes along, don't you? :)

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Friday, February 5, 2010

The World I Imagine

Will is a member of the 4H club in our homeschool group. One of the assignments for the month was to take a picture of the world you see and alter it into "The World I Imagine".

He took about 50 pictures on his own with a digital camera and then we sorted through the best ones. After that we picked the top 5 and then altered them.

Here are the originals and the imagined photos - all created by Will. He used the program PictureIt to alter the photos.

A bush from our yard:

Trucks in the sand pile:

Well insulated dog house (no redneck comments, please! LOL!):

Patch of clover:

Will's bike:

And here is his favorite, Dog Food(!) - the one he submitted for the contest (Update: and won 1st place for his age group!) :

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Training Picky Eaters

I have a picky kid... as far as food goes, anyway.

We've talked about nutrition. Oh, have we talked about it! We've made a chart to keep up with what he eats on a normal day. We've argued and fussed. We've given in at times and then other times we've forced him to eat. He's gone without food, by his choice, more times than I can count.

What's a mom to do?

Let me give you the low down on his preferences.

  • No condiments whatsoever. No ketchup, mustard, mayo, ranch dressing... nothing.
  • No milk in his dry cereal. (Which is fine now that we don't do much dry cereal anymore.)
  • No sauces except on spaghetti.
  • The only cheese he'll eat is on pizza. No mac-n-cheese for this kid: plain elbows only.
  • He won't touch smoothies. (Good place to hid leafy greens)
  • Don't even think about recommending a salad.
  • No seeds or nuts.
  • No eggs.
  • No yogurt.
  • He LOVES Black Eyed Peas with a passion, but they must be Bush's from a can. ("Mom, did you make these at home or are they from a can?")
  • No milk unless it's been made into chocolate milk.

On the good side, some of his pickiness has been good for him - he's not filled with HFCS from (our previous choices in) ketchup and the like. Gotta count your blessings, right?

And truthfully, a lot of his pickiness is our fault because he was raised on a processed foods diet and likes his food to be "the same" every time. Same texture, same taste, same shape... you get the picture. As our first child (and only one for a few years), he was able to voice his opinion about what we ate. Admittedly so, I catered to him.

Live. Learn. Move on and change.

I can't and won't cater to each child individually. Although they all like/dislike different things, we've come to a place where I cook and they eat or well, they don't... their choice. Witt is starting to show the same tendencies as Will did in regards to realizing he has an opinion and won't eat something just because he doesn't want to. Stubborn little booger(s). {grin}

Jeff came up with a great plan that really seems to work when we actually use it. We place small amounts of each food that has been prepared for the meal on their plates. This is the amount of food they are expected to eat until they can get more of their favorites. This really reduces food waste, too. There is no more bargaining or threatening. The "rules" are plain and simple.

It's always hard to know which direction to go with food "training".

On the one hand, I was taught to eat everything on my plate. If I took it, I was to eat it. That's still a battle for me even when I'm stuffed and shouldn't eat any more. I'm not saying that's a wrong standpoint to take; I just think that maybe the training needs to be modified to taking less and then to go back for a little more if you're still hungry.

Jeff (and his mother, too) always and I mean always leave at least a bite or two left on their plate. Drives me nuts! LOL! (see above paragraph) I don't think this was something she trained him to do, I think he just picked up the practice by watching her. If I were to implement that practice, I'd probably drop a few pounds... (food for thought!).

Then there is the idea of eating only when hungry. What if they aren't hungry at lunch time? Do I just wait until they are hungry to feed them? That's seems a little haphazard and plain crazy to me as the one who does the cooking, but it would definitely teach them to eat when hungry and not "just because".

I'm sure there are more theories on training kids to eat properly, but they all probably have their ups and downs with no clear cut solution. So...

What are the eating habits at your house? Any picky eaters? Please tell me I'm not the only one that struggles with this! :)

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Indoor Slide

Because sometimes you just have to take some pictures instead of getting mad... and hey, at least they're taking turns! LOL! :)

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dee God

Picture from January 2009

Witt (2 1/2 years) LOVES praying. We always pray before meals and again as a family before bedtime. He always has to have a turn. Here's his prayer:

Dee God,

Ma, Da, Nay (Nathan), Will, Witt, Papaw, Gran, Witt, Will, Nay, Papaw, Ma, Da, Will, Na, Bro (Brothers)

(Then a bunch of gibberish for "In Jesus Name")


We all get prayed for at least four times a day... some of us two or three times in the same prayer! So cute and sweet! I know I can always take a few extra prayers on my behalf! :)

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Monday, February 1, 2010