Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Start All Over Again

Will, age 8 1/2
"Mom, can I have a shovel? I want to dig a trench for the rain." 
"Mom, can I dig a hole in the front yard so I can play golf?"
"Mom, can we start building a small fire for cold nights?"
Hey ~ at least he ASKS! :)
On the way back from Magic Kingdom, heading to the resort: 
"Now that we're going home, I want to sleep. Don't wake me up until lunch time."
 This from the kid who has never slept past 7am. :)

Nathan, age 5 1/2
It's never a good thing when the child that has brought you the front door knob before starts a conversation with,
"Mom, I accidentally unscrewed this..."
After dropping a toy
"Upsie my daisies..." then he turned and said, "if I had four hands I could do moe work!"
On the definition of "country"
Country is where you can pee outside 'cause no one can see you!
Witt, almost 4 years old
After leaving the Magic Kingdom
"We saw Woody and Jesse but none of their friends." {Thoughtful Pause} "Maybe they are still in the computer."

While sitting on the potty in a public restroom equipped with an automatic flush that went off too early -

"Now I'm going to have to start all over again!"
Not Tiny Talk, but this cracked me up...
included in a text from my husband, Jeff, where he had misspelled a word: 
"Spelling? I'm an engineer and calculators can't spell either."

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Collection of Facebook Pages Helping Alabama Tornado Victims

I quickly realized there is no way one person could list them all, but here is what I found in no particular order. There are some pages for specific needs and others that are just general needs. Please pray for Alabama!

Alabama’s Lost Birthdays

Wedding Dresses for Tornado Victims

Pictures & Documents Found

Alabama Homeschoolers Tornado Relief

Alabama Tornado Community Network

SMALL cities Tornado Relief

Photographers helping to Restore Photos

Adopt a Tornado School

Letters of Hope – Letters to Survivors

Fultondale Tornado Relief

Animals Lost and Found

Pray for the Tornado Victims

NorthEast Alabama Volunteer/Donation Info

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alabama Homeschoolers Tornado Relief


I just wanted to post something quick about a  new Facebook page to help out Alabama homeschoolers that were hit by the recent tornadoes that came through on 4/27/2010.  I don't know if other states are doing something similar or not. This group was originally started as a group of lower Alabama homeschoolers helping north Alabama homeschoolers, but I'm certain anyone that wants to help can.

 If you'd like to donate your "extras", please request to be added to the ALABAMA HOMESCHOOLERS TORNADO RELIEF page.

Thanks so much!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Turn Your Blog into a Book

In 2008, I used Blurb to "slurp" my 2007 blog posts and transfer them into a book. I loved the results!  Right now, Groupon is offering 56% off of their custom books!  Of course, if you use this link, it will go towards me getting the deal free, but I'm really excited about this deal because I've been working on my 2009 book for far too long and this will give me the incentive to get 'er done! :)

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