Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Have an Idea!! Get a Giraffe!

Witt, age 3

"Why?" - 'nuf said, right? :)

Nathan, age 4 1/2

It has been really nice to hear Nathan start speaking more (on a side note, he will begin speech therapy soon).

As Will was trying to reach for something on a top shelf and I overheard Nathan say excitedly, "I have an idea!! Get a giraffe!!!"

After getting in trouble and being sent to the corner, "I need a COMFORTABLE chair!"

"What is a sand storm?"

"What are those electrical lines for?"

Will, age 7 1/2

"Please Lord, help my dog, Silver, learn some manners. " - said as part of his prayer in front of the entire congregation... TOO CUTE! :)

"How many mirages are there in a dessert?"

"Finding a harmless skunk is like finding a cactus thorn in a haystack."

"Did you know that Superheros start out as magicians?"

At our previous congregation in Georgia (which we recently visited), they have both English and Spanish services, but we all come together to take the Lord's Supper. One man will lead an English prayer and then another will lead a Spanish prayer. During the Spanish prayer, Will looked at me and whispered, "That man in speaking Spanish. Does God speak Spanish?"

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fallen Off the Face of the Earth?

Some days I think I might have! :)

First, a quick update on Will: He's out of casts and is into week 2 of physical therapy. He's doing really well and no tip-toe walking at all. His right foot seems to be learning the new walking technique nicely, but his left foot continues to turn out and walk flat-footed, like a duck. It takes a lot of concentration for him to put the left toes facing forward and roll from heel to toe, but he's making progress. He's in good spirits and doesn't seem to be frustrated at all. In fact, he's barely slowed down! :)

Secondly, we've been on a whirl-wind tour of where to live. It's wonderful out here near the country, especially the extra room for the boys and being near extended family; however, we are seeing much less of Jeff than I'd like because of his travel time to work.

After many choices and changes (including baking out on a house we negotiated for), we've come to the conclusion that the best thing to do right now is to move back into our previous house (which is still up for sale). This will put us within 8 - 10 minutes of Jeff's work and he'll be able to have all three meals with us most days! This will also put us back in a position for Nathan to go back to preschool two days a week and (hopefully) get some speech therapy while enrolled. We will be significantly closer to our congregation as well. We've missed being more involved.

So today begins the first day of sorting through all of our clutter. Keep/Toss/Donate/Sell. Boy, we've got a lot of stuff. This job is fun and depressing all at the same time.

Just wanted to check in on my poor little blog. We're still here... just super busy. Hope we'll find time to have some fun this summer, too! :)

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