Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nathan's Tiny Talk

4th of July week, week I took the boys to Camp Wiregrass.  Nathan kept me rolling in laughs each day.

One random comment was, "I want to have a motorcycle when I am older than 12 years old. Just so you know. And if you forget, just ask me."
Another day he was caught playing with a frog in the water fountain. LOL!

During a break, Nathan came up to me and asked if I wanted to know his new friend's name.  I was quite taken aback because he never remembers anyone's name, so I enthusiastically said, "Sure!".  His new friend's name is Maya and he told me they played on the see-saw together.

I asked him to tell me what she looked like and he said that her hair was dark and goes, "Loopty-loopty-loopty- loop!" Sure enough, it does! :)  She was just the cutest thing!

Nathan & Maya at the Camp Banquet Dinner

The second to last day at camp, he said the following with a BIG, EXCITED GRIN:
"Today, I got to dig in the dirty clothes basket and put dirty clothes on!"

Last week at lunch, we played "High and Low" where you go around the table and say what your high point of the day was and your low point.  Nathan's cracked me up:

"My favorite thing is that I found a worm in my corn."  (We shucked fresh corn from the farmer's market.)

"The bad news is that I lost him in the grass."

This quarter, I am teaching the younger boys' Bible class on Sunday mornings. Turns out Nathan was listening to the story of Daniel because later in the week he said, 
"I only want vegetables and water for breakfast; it will make me strong."
I gave him carrots and a glass of water. He smiled. :)

When something doesn't go his way, he says, "Awww.. Nuts!" or "Awww... Walnuts!"  He's such a character!

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Boys Will be Boys... Even when they are Men :)

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