Thursday, August 28, 2014

Middle School

No time for a well though-out post, but I want to record the ramblings in my head. :)

We have a middle schooler. I am pleased to say he is very happy so far!  I think he is enjoying the independence and making more of his own decisions.  I'm enjoying his independence too - he easily gets himself ready in the morning and makes his own lunch.  YAY!

He has made a friend in his web design class that is also interested in trains.  The boy's dad works with diesel engines.  They are working on a website together about... you guessed it.... trains! :)  Can't wait to see the finished product.

He doesn't share too much other information unless I probe and ask the right questions.  However, I can tell he's enjoying school because of his attitude.  He is happy to go in the morning and happy when he comes home.  It's nice to see that smile on his face and a bit of a bounce in his step. He has said that all his classes are going at a good pace for him and the time flies by. :)

We received a note this week about getting a Gifted Education Plan together for him.  Jeff and I will have a meeting at the school next week.

Today he will attend his first pep-rally. I'm curious to hear his thoughts on it and if all the noise bothers him. LOL.  Should be an interesting experience for him.

Oh, I also have to mention our goodbyes in the morning.  We have a carpool set up with the neighbors so he rides with them in the morning.  Every day I walk him to the front door. I get a huge hug and the cutest smile! Melts my heart each morning.

Today I drove him to school for the first time since our neighbors are out of town.  I watched him walk into that big school building with his backpack on for the first time.  He did it with ease.  Can't say the same for me... small lump in my throat.

I am so proud of him.  He's growing up and becoming more confidant.  He's got such a sweet heart, too. If only I could get him to show that sweet heart to his brothers! LOL! (He can be quite the aggravator, too!!!!)

So far, sixth grade is going very well. Hope it continues!