Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm Big-Time Now!

Sarah at My Life with Boys and Mom24 at Heritage Academy have bestowed the same award upon my blog in the same week! And it's my first bloggy award! I am so honored and so shocked! Thank you, thank you! Just when I was starting to think I had nothing to blog about and that I was getting boring, along comes an award! Hmmm....


Here it is in all it's glory: EXCELLENT!

Now, with this award comes a certain responsibility; I must pass this award onto 10 other blogs that I think are EXCELLENT! Wow, 10! That's a lot. Do I check out enough blogs to award 10? Let's see...

In no particular order, of course...

1. Happy at Home- Laurel is simplifying her life and loving it! She and I are real-life friends and apparently living parallel lives.

2. Take90West
Lisa is HILARIOUS! I mean, really... how does she pull of talking about Turkey Testicles?

3. NotBefore7
Mary seems to be a kindred soul of mine. I "heart" Mary. She's a great blogger with three kids. We talk antibiotics, the bible, and other kinds of adult conversation. I have really enjoyed getting to know her and including my Tiny Talkers on her weekly carnival.

4. UnplugYourKids
Mom Unplugged has a really "current" blog. What I mean by that is, she's always got something going on over there for a great conversation or read: today it's a Target ad, but it's been lead toys, book and toy recommendations, charitable children, lots of interesting things. I feel like a real person when I'm at her blog, not just a mom. Oh, and of course she's been helpful with the whole unplugging my kids thing, too, with her Unplugged Projects.

5. Money Saving Mom
I'm just getting started in my quest to be more frugal, but if you are interested in saving some money... head over to this blog right now! I can't tell you how informative her blog is on saving! She's got a CVS 101 post, too, in case you're like me as I didn't have a clue how to "play the game". I visit her blog daily, well, I suppose it's more lurking than visiting! :)

6. Crunchy Chicken
Environmental junkie? Well, proabably. I love this blog because it's not your normal "be kind to the environment". She comes up with some crazy challenges and has fun while doing it! Personally, I've taken the Diva Cup Challenge and was surprised to have made the switch! I am currently participating in the Freeze Yer Buns challenge. If you head over there, don't bother telling her I sent you... she'll have no idea who I am as I just lurk about over there, too...

7. OrgJunkie
I lurk here, too, except on (most) Mondays when I participate in her Meal Plan Monday. I'm also getting ready for her Monthly Organizing Round-up... I hope to be an ACTIVE participant in that (as does Jeff, I am sure!).

8. Keeper of the Home
A blog new to me and I just introduced myself to her this past week. (At least I'm not lurking EVERYWHERE). Very interesting posts about what you would expect... keeping the home: saving money, feeding babies, being a mom, cooking, etc. A great place to pop in for some positiveness. (I guess that's a word as spell check didn't yell at me...)

9. Redefining Sanity
Oh, Lulu... Lulu is another real-life friend. I must say one of the best friends I will ever have. She tolerates me well. :) Lulu is a mother of three and she is wise beyond her years. She is one of the most intelligent people I know. This girl has got some brains! She is so down to earth though. She writes just like she speaks. She's new to personal blogging, so head over and check her out. You can tell her that I sent you, because she'll know who I am... oh, will she ever know! :)

10. Cooking for Mara
I really like this blog because it has been so helpful for me in our dairy-free journey. She deals with more allergens than I do, but does it with such a loving heart and makes it sound so easy. For some healthy cooking ideas or more on dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free living, head on over.


Obviously a portion of these 10 bloggers have no idea that I exist, but I think they are EXCELLENT! Those that do know me, well, I think they are REALLY EXCELLENT because they deal with me and my randomness.

Some of you have already received this award - so be it. If you feel the need to nominate 10 more bloggers, go ahead. If not, just know that I think you're EXCELLENT!

If you haven't received this award before, well, good! I'm the first to tell you how EXCELLENT you are! Go tell the world about your top 10 EXCELLENT blogs.

Go! Spread the word!

(and so am I! LOL!)

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Recent Occupier of Time

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Lover Boy...

When Will was born, I new that I was going to have girl trouble in the future because he was such a beautiful baby. Now that he is a little boy, I still have to agree because he is just so darn cute! :) However, I never saw him being the one to cause the "trouble"!

You've heard about Shay and Christa; well, the saga continues...

The last night that our friend, Deborah, stayed with us, she and Will slept in the same bed. They told stories and giggled, I'm sure before quieting down. The next morning, Deborah relays this story:

Last night after we were quiet for a while, Will says out of the blue, "I'm going to marry Shay one day."

Deborah: What about the other little girl, Christa?
Will: She's alright, but she can have Austin. I'm going to marry Shay.

Will says this all matter-o-factly.

Two days later, Will comes home...

"Mom, I think I might marry Madeline instead."

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Boys Rule My Life... How About You?

And the winner is: Audra Marie!
Actually, you were the second pick, but the first pick did not give me a way to contact her... lucky you! :)

Audra Marie said...

I have two sons and a hubby (and honestly, my daughters would love this, too). My sons are all boy, and they have huge hearts. They love to be needed, work hard, and give to people. They have an amazing dad, too.

I'd love to win this for them.

Thanks for the chance to win! :)

I'll email you and then you have 4 business days to contact me or I will have to choose a runner-up winner... regulations and all! :)

Thanks to everyone for playing!

With the Bloggy Giveaways underway I wanted to take Shannon's suggestion of giving away something that represents my blog. Well, that would be boys. Three little ones as a matter of fact... and then there is the big boy that I take care of, too! Whichever way you look at it, Boys Rule My Life and I'm proud of it!

I am giving away a brand spankin' new copy of The Original Boy's Handy Book written by the co-founder of the Boy Scouts of America. It contains loads of information that boys "should" know. In my opinion, some of it they shouldn't know... but I'm just the mom!

The book is divided into four sections, one for each season. Chapters include building a kite, tying knots, camping, aquariums, puppet making, homemade fishing tackle, and even a chapter on taxidermy (that's the one they don't need to know!)... just to name a few.

Here are the rules:

1. You must be a US citizen... sorry shipping rates are awful!
2. You must leave a comment on this post with some way for me to contact you if you win.
3. You do not need to have a blog to participate... I must be able to contact you though.
4. You have to work for this one a bit... in your comment, tell me about the boy(s) in your life that you'd be reading this book with or giving it to. It doesn't have to be long or involved, just something special about your little man/men. :)
5. The winner will not be chosen based on #4, but #4 must be included. (A little work never hurt!)
6. I will randomly draw for a winner on Saturday, February 2, 2008 at NOON CST.

For an obscene number of Bloggy Giveaways, head over to Rocks in My Dryer throughout the week!

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Egg Carton

This week's unplugged project is "Egg Carton". I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the cartons I had on hand - make caterpillars! I remember doing this when I was young.

We read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle throughout the week in "preparation". ;)

Will enjoyed it and so did I! Our friend, Deborah, was visiting for the week and she joined in the fun. Nathan, however, had no interest in this project beyond putting three green dots of paint on his.

Will's caterpillar in progress:

Deborah's completed caterpillar:

My completed caterpillar:

All three:

Maybe we'll have some pretty butterflies next week! :)

Stop by Unplug Your Kids for more unplugged projects!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

First Kiss

So, you've heard me talk about Shay,Will's *girlfriend*, before at the bottom of this post.

Yesterday I am informed through an unexpected conversation with Will that he is not going to marry Shay anymore; he is now going to marry Christa. I asked what happened and he tells me that Shay plays with Austin now. He wasn't upset... that's just how it is. He's happy enough to be in *love* with Christa now.

Today Deborah picked Will up from school and informs me that Shay kissed Will! She also tells me that after he told her about it Will added, "Austin wasn't at school today." My little boy is the other man! LOL!

I asked him where she kissed him. He points to his lips and and then says, "I mean here," pointing to his cheek.

Me: Just how many times did she kiss you??
Will replies matter-o-factly, "About six."


Me: Are you ok with her kissing you?
Will: Yes.
Me: Did you kiss her?
Will: No, I hugged her.
Me: Ok. Well, as long as you are ok with her kissing you...

Then I think, "Is this really the answer I need to give my boy? If you're ok with it then it's ok?"

I was not expecting to have this conversation today or this year even! I know it's all very innocent and harmless right now, but I suppose I need to start thinking about addressing this issue soon. Soon he will be chasing girls and trying to kiss them. Before I know it he'll be a teen and we'll be having much harder conversations!

Seems like today is the day for discussions with kids... bullying is covered over at Take90West today... another topic yet to be discussed at my house.

When did these kids start growing up?!! I'm not ready! I'm not I tell you. I better get ready, though. Maybe I should go back to Boo.ksAMi.llion and get a book on this...

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Because We're All Adults

Ok, I'm sure I've got you wondering what on earth I'm posting about with that title. I've been debating whether or not to post this story, being that some of it is adult content, but I find the whole scenario quite funny. So, I am assuming there aren't any kiddos reading this blog as it would pretty much be very boring for them and I'm assuming the majority of my readers are moms. That "mom" part is important because what I want to discuss, although not extremely racy by any stretch of the means, is the exact subject that refers to the deed that made you a mom. So, with that said... if you are not over 18 please stop reading because I don't want to get sued for corrupting your mind! And mom, or Auntie Mary, or any family member or anybody else that doesn't want to know any detail about that part of my life... stop reading now. It's not like I'm giving really personal information, but still... stop reading now... please. Before I embarrass myself.

So, with that big intro here goes... I hope this doesn't disappoint in the laughter area and I hope I don't offend. If I don't get many comments or I get ugly comments, I'm sure to erase this post and pretend it never happened. Ok, now I promise to start the story...

I think.


Once upon a time...

I went to Bo.oksAMill.ion with a friend of mine and all three of my kids. We had a pleasant time, picked out some books and headed to the check-out. Up by the register was a sales table and a Valentine's oriented table. I checked out both. There was a hot stones massage set on the clearance table for about $7.00! I thought that would make a nice Valentine's gift for Jeff... ok, actually for me. So with that thought I also check out the Valentine's table for Jeff. There I find some sweet things and then my eyes catch a glimpse of a s.exscratchers book. Basically a booklet of lottery scratch tickets where the "prizes" are all s.ex related. Could be fun... why not? I grab one while my friend is wrangling my two oldest boys and I'm rocking the baby back and forth in the buggy. I hide it amongst my books and we all head to the checkout.

There's no line at the checkout and my friend goes first with her purchases. A man steps in line behind me. Nathan runs off to the coffee section to make friends with a table full of girls. Will is hanging on a nearby railing and I'm still swaying the baby in the buggy. My friend completes her transaction and I put my items down with the booklet hidden. The cashier starts scanning. The computer freezes after she scans the booklet. She puts the booklet down on top and mumbles something about the computer. We sit and wait. A lady steps in line behind the man behind me. We wait... The booklet blaring on top of the pile.

I can't see Nathan. "Where is Nathan?" The man behind me tells me that Nathan is still over in the coffee shop area. Ok. I see him. So, this tells me the man is paying attention to my little family and probably has noticed my purchase. I start thinking about what a sight I must be. I can't contain my kids... even with help... I'm buying a s.ex book and I have a baby. I'm thinking every one is thinking that I really don't need that book. They probably see that I've already got my hands full and they probably think I don't need to have s.ex ever again because obviously I don't realize that it can cause more children. My mind races in crazy directions. Still I stand my ground and wait for the computer to work. Another man steps in line. The cashier calls for backup (at least it wasn't a price check!)

The computer begins to work and she picks up my booklet again to rescan. And rescan and rescan. It finally registers. She totals up my purchase. I'm $3 short of using my $10 off $50 purchase coupon! Ugh. There at the register are some book yes, really that's what they are called... so appropriate. They are $3 and change. I pick one in haste. The cashier looks at it and cheerfully says, "Are you sure you want this one... it has a car on it. I don't want you to leave the store with something you don't want. Pick a pretty one!" All my purchases are stacked up on the counter with the booklet still blaring right on top. I struggle to find a better looking; they are all twisted and tied together. I finally choose one as the back up cashier arrives and the man last in line leaves my line. My friend gathers Will and Nathan and takes them to the car. The cashier totals my order. I have a gift certificate for $8.17 to use before I swipe my credit card...still with the booklet blaring... put it in the bag already!!! Ok, out comes the bag. I sign my name, apologize to the people behind me for the wait and make my way out the door.

I get home and put the bag in my closet so Jeff won't find his gift. Later that night I decide to rip out one and put it in his car for him to find the next morning. That would be a good morning surprise, right!?

By noon the next day I hadn't heard from Jeff so I called him. I apologize for something from the day before and ask if my present made up for the mistake? He says, "Oh, that was from you?" "OF COURSE IT WAS!!! How many people did you have to decide from?!" He joking says he thought maybe he had a secret admirer. Ha. Ha. I ask him if he "won" anything and he tells me he hasn't had a chance to check as it was really dark this morning and he's had a fast paced day at work. Fine. That's no fun. We say our "I love yous" and get off the phone.

Jeff arrives home and pulls out the scratch-off when we're alone in the kitchen after the boys were in bed. He scratches and scratches. He tells me I've been jipped. The cards don't scratch off. Sure enough nothing was scratching off. He smiles up at me and tells me I should take them back for a refund. Ummm... No. Not after what I went through to get them in the first place!

I tell him that we'll just say that I used the gift certificate (from his mom) to buy them and that we aren't out any money. He laughs and asks if he can tell his mom what he got with her money? Again.... no.

I go back to the room and pull out the booklet. Some do have actual scratch-offs that work. Apparently the one I gave him must have missed the machine that puts the scratch-off stuff on. So in the end, maybe we will have a nice Valentine's Day after all?!

In the end, here's the lesson I've learned... if I ever decide to by adult "stuff" again, I'll buy it off the internet so that it arrives in an unmarked brown box. The shipping will be worth it. I won't do it with children nearby or a line of people behind me. I won't buy it with a cheery cashier that questions my purchases. Maybe I won't buy anything at all and just use a suggestion from a friend... I won't tell you who, but I'll share the information... when hubby is in the shower, put on one of his white undershirts and join him. That won't cost anything... he'll be just as happy. I'm taking her word for it as I have yet to try it myself.


So, there's my first adult post. Maybe too much information for you. This post might be gone tomorrow. It certainly won't find itself in my book that I print for 2008. And to think, someone stumbledupon my blog for the "family" content just yesterday!

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Simple & Slow Fridays: Dailiness & Morning

Dailiness. Did you decide that you can/do enjoy your daily activities? Was there anything you changed in your dailiness?

This past week has been anything but daily for me. We have a dear friend visiting and we've been coming and going and going and coming. She's been doing things with the kids and we've been watching movies eating LOADS of cookies and chips. It's been a wonderful week of rekindling our friendship, but my daily activities have been shifted a bit. (Not complaining at all!)

However, with all the bustling about, I have found that one daily activity still occurs. I cook. I love to cook. If I could cook a huge meal every night (and know that it would be eaten) I would. I don't like to just open a can of veggies and nuke them, but mostly that's what I do for sides right now. I would rather make casseroles, use spices, and have a homemade dessert as well. I enjoy cooking from scratch. I don't find much comfort or satisfaction from canned, boxed, or pre-fabricated meals. I love to try new recipes, but of course I must follow recipes. (Shameless plug.)

With all that said, there are some things holding me back from the full-blown comforting meals every night. For one, there's Witt... allergic to dairy. There are so many comfort foods that contain cheese and apparently there's not really a good substitute for cheese. Two, Will is a very picky eater. He doesn't like cheese, though, so that's not the issue for him. He won't eat sauce or basically anything he considers "new". Mealtime is sometimes a battle with him and I wish that that part of my dailiness would change. Sometimes I cook him something other than what the rest of us are eating just to keep the peace, but then Nathan wants what Will has and it's a different battle to fight. Then, lastly, Jeff occasionally comes home late. I don't want him to have a cold meal after work. (I do love feeding men!) And I don't want to work hard on a meal if he's going to be extra late (being that he is my main eater). Please, don't get me wrong. I do love to cook for my family and I know they are appreciative... I would just like it to go a little bit smoother sometimes.

So there is the good and bad part of my dailiness with cooking. The ying and yang of cooking, if you will. :)


The next chapter in Mitten Strings for God is entitled Morning. I love morning... that is, when I get a good night's rest. ;) I really am more of a morning person than a night owl. I love the newness of the day. A fresh pot of brewing coffee. Good morning kisses from my boys. The bright and cheery, "Good morning, Mommy!" from Will when he walks into our room at 7AM on the dot. I love our morning ritual of all the boys piling into our bed one by one. I enjoy the mornings especially when I wake before everyone else and have some time to share with God alone in the stillness. For me, morning is refreshing.

I just wish every morning was as beautifully formed as I've described. Some mornings come too quickly. Some are spent in front of the computer instead of in the bible. Sometimes the boys wake up cranky and sometimes Jeff is at work before the house rises and then there is not much "piling into the bed". These mornings have less connection... less rejuvenation. Why is it that on these mornings it is so much harder to do what "works" well? Why does it feel like it would be easier to just drag along even when I know that that just makes the morning more difficult?

But I cheat myself if I fail to give the morning its due. For these first waking minutes can affect the quality of the entire day, determining the way things will go for each one of us. It is a tender time. Our souls, returning from their mysterious sojourns of the night, must now become grounded once again in the here and now and the concerns of the day. If I am conscious enough to honor this process- greeting my husband and children with hugs and kisses and gentle words-then each one of us may actually experience the sense of renewal that each day offers. The mistakes of yesterday are forgiven, regrets put aside. Here, in the days's first hushed moments, our family can come together again in loving spirit, rested and refreshed. (p. 16)

Challenge for the week:

Give morning it's due; view each one as a renewal. Think about your morning greetings... let your face light up with each "Good morning" you give and receive.

I know this might be hard for those of you that don't "do" mornings. Just give it some thought and make tiny changes as you see they are needed.

Link back to this post during the week with your thoughts on morning. What kind of morning rituals do you have? Is it a special part of your day?

I can't wait to read your thoughts...

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can You Give Me A Jump?

UPDATE: Boys Jumping video...

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nathan is "Talking"

Nathan, almost 27 months old, has *finally* really started talking . Now, of course, I'm about the only one that understands him and half the time if he didn't have a sign to go with it, I wouldn't have a clue... but he's trying and that makes me soooo happy!

This isn't the normal Tiny Talk Tuesday, but it's a great milestone for him that I want to record. Here are some recent words and some that I haven't heard in a while that have popped back up:

Tee- "tree" with sign
Eeee - ear
Noe - nose
Caaa - car
Dol don - "all gone" with sign
og - "frog" with sign
bi - "bike" with sign
RaRa - "Deborah" (she's visiting)
sirt- "shirt"
ock - "sock" with sign

That's all I can think of in the time I have right now. I'll add more later.

More information on American Sign Language

Also, going through an alphabet book this past week, Nathan correctly identified and gave the sounds for the following letters:


I'm impressed with that! :)

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Monday, January 21, 2008


This week's unplugged project is entitled "toothpicks". I added some marshmallows and we started our own little construction company! :)

Nathan did his first while Will was away with a friend. He mostly ate the marshmallows. He'd poke the marshmallow onto the toothpick and eat! Yum-mee!

I did build him a little house though...

He didn't even have to huff or puff... he just sucked the house in! LOL!

When Will got home he went right to work making a snowman.

I built him a little house, too, and he built a wall.

After that, he started putting the toothpicks end to end.

Then we made it into a circle.

And of course, he had to eat some, too!

And poor little Witt didn't get to have any toothpick adventures, but it looks like he had fun just the same! :)

Head over to Unplug Your Kids for next week's project: Egg Cartons!

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Simple and Slow Fridays: Peace & Dailiness

So how did it go this past week finding peaceful moments for yourself and your family?

I found peace in rocking babies to sleep, reading books, and watching the kids play in the snow. I found it in a good-morning kiss, a family meal, in holding a sleeping baby and in playing dominoes.

Peace is all around me, sometimes I just have to be looking for it and be more accepting of it.

As I began thinking about this week's Simple and Slow Friday, I decided that it would be best to start at the beginning of the book and work my way through instead of picking and choosing chapters based on what is going on in my life. That way, those of you that are reading Mitten Strings for God can follow along better. It would have made the most sense to start that way in the beginning, but... oh well.

So anyway, let's start at the beginning with the first chapter, "Dailiness". Here are a couple excerpts for us to focus on this week:

The moments I hold most dear are those that arise unbidden in the course of any day-small, evanescent, scarcely worth noticing except for the fact that I am being offered, just for a second, a glimpse into another's soul. If my experience as a mother has taught me anything, it is to be awake for such moments, to keep life simple enough to allow them to occur, and to appreciate their fleeting beauty: a lip smacking good-night "guppy kiss"; a spoonful of maple syrup on snow, served to me in bed with great fanfare on a stormy winter morning; a conversation with a tiny speckled salamander discovered, blinking calmly, under a rock... These are the moments that, woven together, constitute the unique fabric of our family life. Herein lies the deep color, the lights and shadows of our days together. (p 7)

I love how the chapters of this book tie into the others. My short little blurb above on the peace I found this past week was all in the dailiness of my life. Nothing special. Nothing extraordinary. Just daily occurrences that bring me peace when I allow them to. Now that's special! :)

Like all mothers, I harbor dreams for my children, and sometimes I fall under the spell of my own aspirations for them. We want our children to do well! But when I stop and think about what I truly want for them, I know that it is not material wealth or academic brilliance or athletic prowess. My deeper hope is that each of my sons will be able to see the sacred in the ordinary; that they, too, will grow up knowing how to "love the dailiness." So, for their sakes as well as my own, I remind myself to slow down and enjoy the day's doings. The daily rhythms of life, the humble household rituals, the nourishment I provide - these are my offerings to my children, given with love and gratefully received. (p.13)

I love the last sentence, especially the phrases "daily rhythms of life" and "humble household rituals". There really are rhythms and rituals in my day. I like it that way. I find comfort in it. Maybe even a little peace...

Challenges for the week:

  • What daily activities do you really enjoy?
  • Any daily activities you dislike? How could you grow to like them more?
  • Is there anything you've been wanting to incorporate into your daily routine? Try it this week.
  • "Enjoy the day's doings."

Link back throughout the week (as many times as you like) with posts about "Dailiness" or anything you find to be slow and simply peaceful.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tell Me Something I Don't Know About You

Home Sanctuary is hosting "Sanctuary is in the Small Things 2008". Here's an excerpt from today's post:

Today's Small Thing is a quest of discovery. Simply ask questions like this to someone you love:

"What's your favorite_______________?"

"What do you love about _____________?"

"What is your favorite memory?"

"Tell me something I don't know about you."

Jeff and I were fortunate enough to go out to supper alone tonight. At the end of the meal while we were waiting for our bill, I thought it an appropriate time to ask some of these questions and have a nice uninterrupted conversation. I started with "Tell me something I don't know about you."

Jeff leans in over the table. With a sweet smile on his face and in a voice just above a whisper, he tells me, "I have gas right now." O.K. Well, hmmm.... I didn't know that. Thank you. LOL!

I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee! Needless to say, I stopped the questioning right then and there. I think I earned my 40 points for today's Small Thing with that answer alone!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Create Your Own Google Account

Ok now, I know you're out there. I see my counter increasing daily... Some of you I know personally and I've talked to you about this... you need your own Google account so you can leave me comments and your words of wisdom! :)

Your challenge for today is to create an account! You don't need a blog to have an account. All you need is your email address and a password. It won't take more than a minute; heck, it won't even take 30 seconds!

So here's your chance to stop being a stalker! *I say with a smile on my face*

Just kidding, if you just want to stalk my blog that's fine! I love visitors and my counter still knows you were here...

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Booger Boy Update

Well, the much anticipated visit to the ENT went well. No surgery right now. Whew!

Dr. G is very conservative and I appreciate that. Basically, he wants to wait and see if Nathan gets sick like this in the summer time when there are fewer colds going around. He put him on an allergy medication to see if that will help as well, since we haven't tried them before. Thirdly, if Nathan gets a another green-snotty nose (the doctor's exact words), I am to ignore it for 2 weeks unless he is on his death-bed. Sometimes we just jump to antibiotics and don't give the body time to heal itself. I can appreciate that, too. I'm glad he's conservative and really wants what is best for Nathan in the long run. No quick fixes.

So anyway, we're finishing up his last round of antibiotics and doing the Allegra thing. We're all healthy at the moment and doing fine. Hope you are too! :)

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More CVS!

Ok, I promise not to bore you with all of my CVS purchases, but NOW I SEE THE LIGHT!! :) Compared to last week's purchases, I think I did exceptionally well (being that I had ECBs this time).

Here's what I got for $5.02 out of pocket:

6 12-packs of Pepsi
16 AA Duracell batteries
16 AAA Duracell batteries

I know I didn't shop for a lot, but I got what we needed and I have $15 ECBs for the next trip! And only $5.02! Now that's a deal! :)

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Someone Should Tell the Flowers

It's not Spring yet...

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