Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving In

A glimpse into our recent move...

Here's our garage the night before the movers came. We've got stuff boxed up on both sides of the walls and in the center, too. All the furniture was left in the house for the movers to get.

The house we moved into is 300 - 500 sqft smaller than the previous one. There has been much downsizing of stuff and I honestly couldn't be happier about it! :) Our *new* house is actually not new at all. My father-in-law lived in this house, in fact, I think he was born in it. The walls are made of concrete filled cinder blocks. "This house ain't goin' anywhere!" It is located in a "Y" in the road and we've fenced off the entire house giving the boys and dogs a huge, safe yard to play in.

Thankfully, my mother-in-law was persistant about getting movers. It was well worth the money. The movers helped put most of the big furniture together and we were ready to sleep in the new house that same night.

Here's a shot of the master bedroom and study area. We do most of our homeschooling in this little room because of the easy access to the computer and the homeschooling supplies are *safe* from little fingers. :)

Please note that my house is usually spotless and never ever has anything out of place. These pictures show disorganization only because we are in the process of moving in. I'm never disorganized otherwise. (HA!)

The kitchen! I love the windows in the kitchen because I can see the boys playing out in the yard (unless they are on the other side of the house). It's really a huge kitchen when you consider how long ago it was built. I don't know if you can tell or not, but there is no microwave! The one we have doesn't fit under the cabinets or above the range, so I've done without... quite happily I might add. We've been doing things the "old fashioned way" as Will puts it. :)

Witt's room. He's still in a room by himself and still in a crib. I hope to move him to a toddler bed by the end of the year and then in about another 6 months or so have all three boys in one room and use the other one for a play room. There is also a queen size bed in there for the nights he won't sleep alone. (He's had some seperation anxiety since our anniversary trip in June and then topping that off with this move, it's been a little rough on him.)
Will and Nathan are sharing a room with Thomas the train. Oh my word those tracks take up some space! Jeff has plans to make some loft bed frames for them so they can utilize the whole floor. Can't wait!

The living room is small, but it's just enough. We don't watch a lot of tv anyway.
Nana sent some puzzles the first week we moved in. The boys had a BLAST with them! (See the big microwave sitting on the floor in the bottom left hand corner? LOL!)

Laundry room. Now this is where I am a bit sad. Jeff created a REALLY NICE laundry room for me in our previous house. This one is SMALL!!! Not much room for anything beyond the washer and dryer. (And my computer desk chair, obviously. Things were getting put anywhere and everywhere when they unloaded the truck.)

The boys have spent so much time outside. It's amazing how some extra space in the yard will take up the whole day!

A sandbox is on our list of things to do (Have you seen the one at our old house?). In the meantime, Jeff bought the boys a few bags of sand (which didn't take long to get scattered about).

There was plenty to watch, too, as the dumptrucks started to accumulate right outside the fence. Nathan was entertained for quite some time. :)

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Nowheymama said...

Glad to hear things are going well!

Jessica said...

Sounds like things are coming along in the new house. I bet the boys are loving it!!

laurel said...

It looks like a great space, and how nice to have a totally fenced yard! So glad you got moved in well. How is homeschooling going? We are waiting until after Labor Day to get started...

bekahcubed said...

I'm loving your wood floors and white-painted trim. Old houses are such fun!