Saturday, April 10, 2010

Alabama Chicken & Egg Festival

April 10, 2010

Yes. There is a festival celebrating chickens & eggs in North Alabama. :)

There are LOTS of chicken farmers here. Jeff's family and extended family alone raise close to 80,000 chickens at a time. Each year in early Spring there is a festival of vendors, food, rides, and games. Yes, there is an egg toss! :)

This was my first year attending and we had a lot of fun for the short time we were there. I came home with some wonderful homemade sourdough bread from a local vendor, too! YUM! I always love shopping at these types of festivals.

Jeff's mom and Aunt Debbie helped me with the boys as we made our way through the festivities. First things first, though... the boys had to ride the train around the fairgrounds! :)

Eventually we had to split up because of time constraints, so I don't really have many pictures of Will. He went with Aunt Debbie and the two little ones went with my MIL and me.

And the four of us went to see some of the animals first.

But those smiles didn't last long... below Nathan is probably thinking, "Mom, I thought you said there'd be tractors!! Where are the tractors??"

So, we made our way to the tractor display area.

And of course you can't just LOOK at tractors, you've at least gotta try out the seat. ;)

And wave then wave to make sure everyone sees you.

Nathan really is so comfortable on such a big piece of machinery. Here is at 4 years old, looking like he's 16 and knowing what he's doing. :) I swear this boy will be using Papaw's riding lawnmower before he's 10. LOL!

And then, of course, Little Bit has to try the same tractor out, too. :)

And then Nathan had to try out some more:

One of the owners (an older gentleman) came over and asked Nathan if he was a farm boy. :) I think his shirt says it all, don't you?

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Jessica said...

I love the picture of Nathan on the tractor. He looks like a little man!