Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fun and Games

Just wanted to write a quick post about some of the fun things that are going on around here.

We love playing "Punch Buggy" in the car when we see a Volkswagen Bug. We don't punch each other though because I neglected to explain that part of the game. :) Will and Nathan know how to play really well, but Witt just likes to say it randomly and it's usually, "Punch Buggy - all kinds of colors!" LOL!

We also like to play "Guess What I'm Thinking". Someone gets an item in their head and everyone else asks questions to figure out what it is. If you ever play with us, a good question to start with would be, "Does it have wheels?"

"I Spy" is another favorite. Tic-Tac-Toe is still a game without strategy, though. :)

Knock-Knock jokes are a huge hit, although the punchline is often a "miss" with Nathan and Witt. Although Nathan did crack Jeff and I up with this on Sunday:

A little background, first... Witt was already using their bathroom and Nathan decided he had to go, so I was going to take him to our bathroom. I knew Jeff had just gotten out of the shower, though, and our bedroom door was closed.

As I entered the room, I said, "Knock Knock." Nathan, running to the bathroom, says in a silly voice, "Who's there?" and then I say, "Just get in there an pee!" I'm sure you can guess the reply...

"Just get in there and pee, who?"

He shut the bathroom door and just giggled while Jeff and I busted out laughing!

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