Monday, December 8, 2008

Allergy Testing Tomorrow

I've really been giving this testing a lot of thought lately.

Although I am still very prayerful that he will be deemed allergy free, I want to write down my thoughts just in case God's answer is "no" or "not yet".

Honestly, at this moment in time, I would be ok with that. I have had so many things happen to the people around me lately and I am so grateful that all we have to deal with is a life threatening food allergy.

I am certainly not trying to make light of the situation as his allergy is very serious, but at least it is something I have control over. I can do something to keep him safe. Not every mother is facing something they can do something about.

I am not in the hospital watching my newborn fight for her life.

I am not a mother of 4 that just found out my cancer has returned and it's inoperable.

I don't have to worry about my son's disease that will shorten the length of his life.

I don't have to watch my son be mentally or emotionally unwell.

I am SO THANKFUL that this is the trial that has been given to us.

I am SO THANKFUL for everything I have learned these past 14 months about nutrition and healthier food. I am SO THANKFUL for the lessons learned about thinking of others because I'm asking others to think about us. The lesson of realizing this world is bigger than just what's going on in my life. I am SO THANKFUL for the network of bloggy friends that have supported me and shared ideas this past year.

I find it so interesting that I am so thankful for something that I so desperately want to go away.

If it's not gone, I know we can continue on as we have. I've gotten dairy-free cooking figured out pretty well. I will try to have a good attitude about it and realize that I must have more to learn. I will continue to embrace my bloggy friendships even more and continue to try to help others that happen to find me.

And I will continue to pray for him to be allergy free.

I will continue to hope that I will one day be able to "turn in" my membership card to the "Food Allergy Mom Club".

No matter what happens tomorrow, I will have a good attitude and be thankful for my healthy family... because we are all so very healthy and happy.

I'll let you know something when I do. Thanks for the continued prayers!!!

Scratch Test RESULTS here

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laurel said...

Great perspective, Becky. You are so right, we all have so, so much to be thankful for. I am continuing to pray for sweet little Witt and look forward to hearing the outcome of his testing.

Hannah's Mom said...

How true. It could be so much worse. Thanks for the reminder! I will be praying for you all tomorrow.

kari and kijsa said...

Great way to see it! Wonderful reminder!!

kari & kijsa

Super B's Mom said...

WOW - this was a GREAT post. I had tears reading your attitude about how this trial isn't as severe as those of other parents. That's something I struggle with often - and I need that reminder.

You are such a great advocate for him and he is BLESSED to call you Mother.

HANG IN THERE. I love you!

Unknown said...

wonderful words.