Thursday, May 7, 2009

Container Garden

I have been (sort of) keeping a blog about our garden. I thought it would be interesting to keep a record of what we do and how our first garden turns out. I am a NOVICE gardener and although I'm good at planting, I am not good at maintaining. I've been known to let a plant or two (or more!) die from just plain lack of water... um, I suppose that's called laziness... HA!
We started composting last year for this year's garden. Although the compost has done really well (thanks to Jeff), we have decided to use bagged dirt this year for a couple of reasons. I suppose the biggest reason being that I got an "itch" to plant. I just couldn't get it off my mind and with him traveling, it was just easier for me.
We've also opted for a container garden this year since we're moving. I was a little scared of the cost of containers because pots are expensive! However, I started noticing all these black plastic pots being put on the side of the road from people who had planted trees and shrubs. These were the perfect size!! And you can't get much better than FREE!! (And you know I'm not against picking things up off the side of the road!)
All these black pots were picked up for free within a week... too bad I had already purchased 9 terracotta colored ones (they'll get used though!).

Last Friday, Nathan, Witt, and I got to work.

The boys had fun watering the planted seedlings with their watering cans from the Easter Bunny. Eventually they just wanted to play in a bucket of water!

So here is one set our seedlings right before transferring into containers:

The beans were already flowering!

The final result:

Then we went inside to get Wett, I mean Witt, out of his clothes. It was such a beautiful day that I just left him in a Tshirt and diaper ensemble complete with green gardening gloves. :)

He found a caterpillar and then lost it...

He searched and searched... then he found his shadow.

Nathan decided to drive a tractor.

It was a wonderful day; unfortunately it didn't turn out so great for Witt the next day.
And now I get to tackle another tray of seedlings this weekend!

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P.S. One week after planting, those flowers turned into beans! Who'da thunk? :)


Nowheymama said...

Our seedlings are struggling, but we're having fun!

bekahcubed said...

I discovered one of those big pots had blown into my yard about a week ago--now I'm trying to decide whether I want to put tomatoes or peppers into it!

Thank God for neighbors who litter ;-)