Friday, January 29, 2010

After the Allergy

Well, it's been a little over a month since Witt's allergy testing came back negative on all accounts. We did the live test for milk at the doctor's office and have been *trying* to introduce eggs to him at home. He's done find with eggs baked into foods, but won't eat straight eggs to save his life! LOL!

I've scrambled eggs, I've sunny-side-uped 'em, I've over-mediumed 'em, I've hard boiled them... I've even green eggs and hammed them! I finally got a very, very small amount in him by putting them in fried rice.

At least I know that he can have them baked in, as that is where the most exposure will probably come in and I know that even if he's offered straight eggs, he won't touch them! LOL! So for now, it's all good.

We'll do a home test for peanut after he is three in May.

Now, even though he is doing beautifully and hasn't had any reactions to speak of, milk is still the first thing that crosses my mind when someone mentions an outing with food. Granted, the response time to that thought is decreasing. It is becoming *a little* easier to bypass that thought; however, I do still watch him when I know he's been given a significant amount of dairy. and I do still carry Benedryl and an epi-pen in my purse.

However, I must admit that I finally had a breakthrough this past Wednesday night. Our congregation was having a pizza dinner before Wednesday night bible study and we joined them. (Of course, we would never have gone before and then I would have verified that all the kids in Witt's class that did eat pizza had washed their hands.)

Joining them for pizza was not the breakthrough. The breakthrough came when I realized Witt had been running around playing for a good 10 minutes with all the cheese pizza eating kids and I hadn't given it a seconds thought.

He was having a good time. He was laughing, giggling, running, and tumbling all over the cheese pizza eating kids. And he was safe.

My baby was SAFE! :)

This is the stuff my dreams have been made of for the last couple of years! For my child to eat a piece of pizza or a chocolate chip cookie dunked in milk, to play with other children and not worry what's on their hands... simply put, for him to be just another kid.

Part of me doesn't want to post things like this because my heart still goes out to all the other allergy moms that dream of the same things. I want to be thankful and grateful without being disrespectful.

I don't know why God blessed us with the removal of Witt's allergies. I'm just so thankful that he did.

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Jessica said...

It's not disrespectful at all. I am celebrating right here with you.

Hearing your story gives me so much encouragement. Do not ever feel badly about telling it!!

I have goosebumps thinking about what a relief it must be to let your child run around with the other pizza-ey kids.

The first place we are going when we get the ok is Chuck E Cheese :)

Jessica said...

Also - that baby picture is giving me baby fever now.

We're taking turns :)

Hannah's Mom said...

You should always be able to post how you feel. It's not disrespectful to us. I'm so happy for you and thankful that Witt has outgrown his milk and egg allergies!

I find it interesting that you still carry the Epi-pen and Benedryl with you and still think of it when people mention outings with food. I've always wondered how long it would take me to stop thinking about it if Haley ever outgrew her allergies.

On a side note, at Haley's egg challenge, the nurses said that eggs were the hardest food challenge because kids don't like the taste or texture of them. Now, Haley will excitedly tell you that she loves eggs, but in reality when I make them for her, she won't touch them. And, whenever we go to the doctor, she cries ahead of time because she thinks they are going to make her eat eggs!

SAHM said...

It's not disrespectful girl! I praise God everyday that Witt was able to outgrow his allergies. We are looking forward to the day that we can celebrate too. And I hope when that day comes that other moms of allergy kids can celebrate with us too.

Unknown said...

i love these good stories! keep them coming. :) when miles outgrew eggs, he went to eating them hardboiled! i'm still amazed everytime he eats because he CAN eat them and two, because he WILL eat them! ;)

Unknown said...

Let's just be thankful that Witt is now in good condition. Babies are more sensitive to what they take so be careful with that.

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Shobana Jayaraman Srikumar said...

God did that so that we all know how wonderful it can be to experience that transition and how looking at Witt makes it all real. I'm so happy he could run around and play all that he wanted and still be safe.

And! I make the cookies from your recipes. They came out great. I'm thrilled that Uthkarsh liked them a lot as well. I'll write about it next when I get can.


Benny Boo and Linsey Lou said...

I loooove hearing stuff like this! Success stories keep me going! Besides, isn't it nice to know that we "get it"? We know what it's like to hold them at night and cry and cry wondering if we're going to lose this battle. Wondering if there will be just one mishap and that little face will be still forever (reality bites). We know what it's like to go to those little family parties and have the cookie table and m&m's scattered on the table and think, "POISON!!!"

Truth be told, I'm so grateful to have you as a resource. Especially to see success and hope. I have yet to meet someone in person who's child has food allergies as severe as my little guys. They get hives or feel yucky if they eat it, but it won't kill them. Even my pediatrician said, "I've never seen a kid so allergic that he has a reaction to even cheese grease." It's nice to see that I'm not crazy. Thanks for sharing! :)