Monday, August 9, 2010

2nd Grade: Week 1

There was a lot less fan-fair for the first day of school this year. I didn't even take a single picture! Shame, shame! :)

We started right in on the Sonlight curriculum and I must say that I LOVE having the curriculum planned out for me! For some reason it makes me feel like I'm doing what I'm *supposed* to be doing because somebody else made it out. Ridiculous, I know... but true. :)

This year I decided I would start a habit of bringing the other two boys to the table and give them work to do as well. So far, so good! Witt is a great little student who just wants "more, more, more!" He loves to cut and color. Nathan really likes mazes. I have gotten MUCH use out of my subscription to Enchanted Learning already - totally worth the money!

Our second day of school was accompanied by Will's first sick day! Sore throat, sinus drainage, and a headache. We kept the day simple and I read from Charlotte's Web and we reviewed the comprehension questions.

The fever was still around on Wednesday and Thursday, but Motrin kept it at bay and we were able to forge ahead with some Astronomy and handwriting. We tackled the readers and read-alouds and made up Tuesday's sick day!

He even came to me on Thursday saying, "Mom, I know I'm still a little sick, but I feel well enough to do a little math I think." So you know what I did? Dropped everything I was doing and taught not one, but TWO lessons in math! (We're still in the review section so it's pretty quick.)

By Friday, the fever was gone and we just continued on with a regular school day.

It is already evident that the hard part of this year will be all the writing. I'm still allowing him to do many things verbally because of it. I figure that as long as his handwriting continues to improve and he understands the concepts we're going over verbally, we're on the right track.

It'll all come in it's own time. :)

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Andrea said...

I love that homeschoolers can keep learning even on sick days! 8yo J was sick from school for 5 days last years and I was tortured by the fact that he could've been doing something if I was hs'ing him - lol! We got sick the first week too but I am learning to flex (slowly learning!).
Handwriting is TORTURE for my 2nd gr dd! She has good penmanship but it tediously slow, forgets letters, and is frustrated at ANY mistakes she makes. OY! Just a simple SL Core 2 science lesson (involving about 1 sentence worth of words) can take us 20 minutes!
But we plug on and I just keep making her practice w/o over doing it for her. Verbal lessons are good for these kids!
Hope you're enjoying SL as much as I am!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

hi becky! i am excited to keep up with your homeschooling. i'm doing pre-k at home with both boys, ages 3 and 4. miles turns 5 right after the cut off and we've decided to stick with how the public schools would place him. that way he will be close with graham and can enjoy another year of play. and jeff wants him to be the oldest in his class in case we go with public/private school in the future. jeff was youngest and hated it. anyways, i'm rambling. i have pretty much planned from scratch but see myself using a set cirriculum in the future. i will let you pave the way! and GREAT news on the allergy front!!! yay! miss you.