Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Daily Routine

We are about five weeks into our 2012/2013 school year and are still trying to establish a routine. Mostly because for the last three weeks we have always added something else to our schedule.  The first week included our first co-op meeting. The second week included our first day at CC and the third included the first Cub Scout meeting.

Adding one thing a week may not sound like much, but I have "issues" with change... but that's a whole 'nother post in itself. :)

So before I get to our homeschooling routine, here's a list of what we do outside of the home on a regular basis:

  • weekly CC classes
  • every other week co-op classes
  • two boys in Cub Scouts
  • Bible classes
  • counseling sessions 1-2 times/month (another post)
  • 1-3 field trips/month
  • of course errands and grocery day, too... gotta feed these boys!
  • adding soon: swim lessons
  • starting in October: Nicely Bright classes 1-2/month

Now for our at-home daily routine... which we are still working the kinks out of, mind you. :)

5:45am make Jeff bfast
6:20am boys start waking up

7:30am boys eat bfast
            chores/get dressed
            table work (Bible, grammar, spelling, reading lessons, minute math, etc)

10:30am I start making lunch while they finish up
11:00 - 12:15 Lunch Break

12:15pm CC Memory Work / Notebooking
               Math - Witt and Nathan

1:30pm Witt and Nathan rest/nap time
             Will gets 30 mins computer game time

2:00pm Nathan 30 mins computer game time
             Math - Will

2:45pm Witt 30 mins computer game time

4:00pm Afternoon chores (run through the morning chores again)
4:30pm Start making supper

8:00-8:30pm Bedtime

The times are NOT set in stone.  We still have flexibility for things that take more or less time, but it's a pretty good rough estimate. 

How do you help your day run smoothly?

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Unknown said...

I remember when you decided to homeschool. ;) I miss you!

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