Thursday, September 6, 2012


Preface: I like to get the mail. It's my 1 minute of peace & quiet in the day filled with sunshine, a breeze if I'm lucky, and hopefully some goodies in the mailbox. Jeff learned early on that I like to open my own mail... especially boxes with my name on it!  Strange, maybe, but true. :)

Last month, the boys and I spent the day with our homeschool co-op. Jeff was already home when we returned.  I unloaded the backpacks from the truck and sent the boys inside.  Then I went to check the mailbox... NOTHING. :(

So I go inside the house and head for the refuge of my bedroom (after being cooped up in a vehicle with all three boys).

Guess what I found.  Just guess. I dare you.

A Young Living BOX addressed to ME on my dresser. OPENED!!!!


Couldn't believe it.

Jeff opened my box! That dirty scoundrel! ;)

So I head back to the kitchen to find my beloved and tell him that he should be spanked. oh yes, I did.

He looks confused and asks, "Why?"

I act terribly disappointed and try not to laugh, "Because you OPENED my Young Living BOX and rifled through it!!"

His answer???

Oh, it's a good one.

So good I had to write a whole post about it. :)

Here goes:

"I NEEDED some Peace & Calming 
I knew it was SOMEWHERE in that box!" 

LOL!  He was willing to face the wrath of his wife over some Peace & Calming Essential Oils.

Yes. It's that good, folks!  :)

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Young Living's Peace & Calming Essential Oil

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