Thursday, August 7, 2008

Preparing for Kindergarten!!!

Will starts Kindergarten today!! We found his classroom and met the teacher yesterday. I can't tell you how excited he is! He's been talking about Kindergarten since his last day of preschool, "When is August, Mommy?" So cute!

Last night before bed I laid down with him for a few minutes and we prayed a special prayer together, something along these lines:
Heavenly Father,

Please watch over Will while he is in school. Help him to make new friends and comfort those that aren't quite as comfortable in new places as he is. Help him to obey his teacher and be a good student.

I pray that you will also be with his teacher and help her to channel his wonderful creative energy. Help her to be patient and loving to each child. I pray that she will teach with a kind heart and understanding spirit.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity that Will has to go to such a great school that is so close to home. Thank you for always being present and for you guiding hand; may we always follow in the direction that you lead.

In Jesus Name,

After our prayer, we had a conversation about school. I told him that when he wakes up in the morning hat we don't have time to sit and watch tv; he needs to get up and get dressed. I also told him that he needed to stay in bed until 6:00. (He's been a very early riser lately.) He asked about lunch and I told him what I'd pack. He asked me what he should do if he has trouble opening something and I told him to ask his teacher for help. Then he asked, "But what should I say?". So I replied, "Mrs. P, will you help me open this, please?" He smiled really big and said, "Yeah." (Like, I can do that!) What a sweet little man.

This morning at 6:02 AM I heard his door open. I went to check on him and he was already getting dressed! Huge smile already in place! :) After he got dressed, I made him breakfast with lots of choices.

Here's what was left:

It took him 40 minutes to eat breakfast! Thankfully he got up really earl; but, we need to work on that... LOL!

We brushed teeth and hair and got shoes on. He grabbed his backpack with lunch box inside, I gave him a BIG sticker, and we loaded up and headed to school at 7:35 AM.

Today and tomorrow the parents are allowed to walk their children in, but since we practiced walking to his classroom yesterday, and he wanted to try it on his own, I let him go in by himself. I did however, go peek in his classroom window to make sure he made it and waved to the teacher. What a big boy! So independent and ready to make his own way.

He has a half day of school today, so I'll pick him up at noon. Can't wait to hear how his first day went! (And if you can't wait either, check in tomorrow for an update!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh what a sweetie. I bet he had a great time. TheOldest starts kindergarten at the end of the month. She's SO excited.

Unknown said...

How sweet! Did you cry? :-)

One more year before the baby starts kindergarten! My middle one will start first grade in about a week, and my 15 year old starts 10th grade.

I think they're all ready.

I know their mama is. :-)

Anonymous said...

He sets a great example for the other boys!

Kim white

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...


Nope. No tears. Not a one. I was just as excited as he was!

I had great public school experiences and always LOVED school. I think Will will be the same way. (I hope)

Amy said...

Omigosh, that made me a little weepy.
Sounds like he's such a big boy.
And great prayer by the way!

Jill said...

My youngest son (we have 4 boys)starts kindergarten this week. I was reading your post and actually started to tear up. I know my son is ready for school even though I may not be!! I think I will do a similar breakfast for my boys first day of school,I liked that he got to chose from a little bit of everything (I know that will give him a full tummy). I loved your pictures and I am glad that your day went well.