Friday, October 16, 2009

Nathan Goes to School for the Field Trips

Our church school planned a field trip for the pumpkin patch this past Friday, so I brought Nathan to campus that day so he could come with us. (Witt stayed the day at my in-laws house. He loves his Gran!)

We had our normal schedule of History, Art, Chapel, Lunch, and PE. Nathan had a hard time sitting still in History, but did fairly well in Art since they sit on the floor and are able to draw. He enjoyed the lunch of chili cheese nachos, while Will ate his sack lunch of the standard PB sandwich.

The kids gathered around the piano during lunch.

Some actually played well, while others just played around. :) Here's the only shot I got of both boys while on campus that day. Nathan is trying to figure out how the piano works and Will is just playing around. :)

Nathan joined in during PE fairly well since I partnered with him. I helped him do all the stretching excercises and he got a real kick out of that. "Me exercising! Me exercising!" :)

We headed for the pumpkin patch after school where the kids played in huge pile of hay (oh joy!), we took a hay ride, and picked out pumpkins. There were also goats, ducks, and geese to feed.

We had a great time, but it was a full day! Nathan snoozed the whole way home and Will fought off a nap, but yawned the entire time. If I wasn't driving, I'd have napped too!

Witt was happy to see us when we got home and I gave him his very own pumpkin, too, that I had picked out during the hayride. Just didn't want you to think I forgot about him. :)

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