Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We went to the church building Halloween night for the annual chili supper and candy grab. Basically, the adults sit in a circle in our fellowship room and the kids walk around that circle gathering up their goodies. It's the most efficient Halloween I've ever seen. LOL!

Nathan isn't really opinionated about most things, but when I asked him what he wanted to dress up as, he immediately said a fireman. Will do!

Witt's costume came down to what they had left at the store in his size. I think he makes a pretty cute cowboy! Complete with "Ka-tee" (Canteen).

And yes, those green frog boots were his own personal addition to the outfit. We just went with it. LOL!

Will has been Thomas the Train for the last three years! Oh, but not this year! Let me explain.

He said he wanted to "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" with his old costume. He wanted to cover up the face and add a lantern... creating a locomotive. So, that's what we did. ;)

Grabbing candy:

Eating candy:

We had a great night!

As an allergy note, we had no hives or scratching. I thought for sure we would end up with something having sour cream and cheese on the tables for the chili and all the chocolate going around that room. But there was not one sign of anything on Witt. Maybe that's a good sign?! Keep praying for him, please!

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween!

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MommyK said...

Johnny has those fireman boots too. Target?

Scottish Twins said...

Great costumes! Looks like they had a great time :)

Chef Penny said...

Is that a Publix reusable bag gathering candy???? I thought only I made the children do that. lol Cute costumes!