Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Love Chee Bang

Will, age 7

On the way home from a campus day after waiting for his turn on the swing: "When girls say, 'Wait a minute,' they really mean, 'Wait a long time!'"

How do you spell 'C', as in the letter C?

Nathan, age 4

When asked where his cup is (or any other object for that matter), he throws up his hands with, "'Round here somewhere!" I had no idea where he got that from until I heard myself say that! LOL!

And if it's not 'round here somewhere, it's "in my shop!" (Yes, Daddy has a shop.)

He brought me a broken tractor asking me to fix it. I showed him where a few pieces had come off that were missing and told him it couldn't be fixed. He told me to "buy some more pieces". I asked him where I would get more pieces and he said, "The pieces store!" Jeff and I both think he was talking about a local merchandise store that does in fact have a lot of pieces ( nuts, bolts, screws, light bulbs, switches, etc... by the bucket load!)

Witt, age 2 1/2

The immediate response when told he needed a haircut? NO WAY! (Jeff about spit his coffee out of his nose! LOL!)

Overheard: "Chee Bang Bang... LOVE YOU!"

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Scottish Twins said...


It's funny that we don't realize the things we say until we hear our kids repeating them.

Your boys are adorable :)

Davene said...

Sounds like Will has already gained some wisdom about dealing with girls...it takes a lot of patience to wait on our "minutes." :)

Jolanthe said...

I remember hearing our kids say a word and wondered where they had heard it. My husband told me I said it all the time {had no idea I did}. Isn't it funny what you don't hear yourself say? :)

3 for Me! said...

Crazy the little phrases they hear us say!! I'm always humbled when I hear them saying a phrase I say... 1st b/c they are listening, 2nd b/c I always need to keep MY words in check.

I saw in your profile you are a food allergy mom... and you have some testing coming up soon!! Hope and pray all goes well... we also have food allergies and homeschool:)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh my! The understanding of woman at such a young age.

Loved these.

Hope all is going well this year!

mom24 said...

I did NOT need that song in my head again for days, thank you very much! ;-) Our kids have watched the daylights out of that movie!
And I wish there WAS a pieces store, cuz the stuff around here seems to be JUST pieces!