Friday, December 18, 2009

Milk Challenge!

Thursday, Witt and I headed to the allergist for our 9:00 am appointment to do the live milk challenge. I felt so bad that he wasn't allowed to eat before the challenge that I didn't either. I'm so supportive, aren't I?! :)

So we left the house at 7:30, stopped by a gas station to buy our small jug of whole milk and were on our way. The whole way there, he was asking where we were going.

Gran's? No.

Church? No.

Store? No.


I wasn't going to tell him we were going to the doctor's because he cried so much on Tuesday from the scratch testing. Poor little guy.

When we pulled into the driveway of the allergist's office, Witt started crying, "No doctor! No doctor!" Just sobbing. I felt awful and tried to console him telling him there would be "No hurts" today. It only helped a little. :(

Two nurses came in the room with us and we started promptly at 9:00, which was nice. The only problem was that the nurse that was doing the scratch test on Tuesday was one of those two nurses and Witt wouldn't take his eyes off of her. His bottom lip started quivering every time she moved. Thankfully, she realized this and said she would leave us with the other nurse. We didn't see her for the rest of the day.

So, the nurse that was left was able to get on Witt's good side and took his blood pressure and heart rate. Then I gave him 3.5 ml of the milk we brought. The nurse accidentally spilled some of the milk down the counter and I was like, "Um... some of the milk spilled. We need to get that cleaned up." (Always thinking like an allergy-mom even though my boy just drank some! LOL!)

We waited 15 minutes. The nurse returned, checked his vitals, then took a quick peek at his belly and tongue. Then the milk was increased to about 6 ml. We repeated this process for the next couple of hours. The final two dosages of milk were 80 ml each. Not a single reaction to contact or ingestion!

Then we sat there for another hour. Witt took a little snooze in my lap because it was nap time. I was hungry.

Finally at 1:00 PM, his vitals were taken again, the allergist looked him over and cleared us to leave. She said he can have milk just like a non-allergic person would, just not to bombard him with dairy products right off the bat.


That's all I could say over and over and over again. How does one thank God for such a blessing?

We left the allergists and went to McDonald's as it was the closest place and we were a good hour from home. AND...their fries contain milk. Little steps, right? :)

So Witt enjoyed his plain double hamburger with milk fries from McD's.

That night we went to my in-law's for supper. She made biscuits (with milk) to go along with our supper. It was on Witt's plate, but he didn't want it. LOL! He did enjoy a finger lick of frosting from a cake, though! :)

Friday I opened a bag of mint melt-away candies and shared with all my boys. When William was getting his handful of them, he asked, "Is there milk in these?" My response, "Yes, baby, there sure is!" We both smiled so big!

Will was so pleased to hear that Witt's milk allergy is gone! He was jumping up and down he was so excited!!! It's amazing for me to think that Witt will not remember this part of his life. He will only know about it from what I've written.

It's all just so hard to comprehend and wrap my brain around!!

I am just in constant thanks to God.

God is so good!!!

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Meghan said...

i've been waiting with baited breath for you to post results, and again i am in tears! so happy for your family. such little things, but i understand it all. just the fact that your family can all share everything and not worry about what ingredients there are, is such a blessing! i spoke to my husband about this after reading your last blog and he was amazed too. the biscuit thing is just what i said to him. even if matthew eventually tests negative for milk allergy in the future, he may not want to eat things that he's not accostumed to eating. he'll probably always prefer soy milk. but my husband said something that pulled at my heart strings. "i just want him to be able to eat a slice of pizza." why this makes me so sad, i don't know. just wanting your child to be able to enjoy the comforts of childhood like pizza or mcdonalds fries. sorry to be trudging on for so long, but this really hits close to home. i really am SO, so happy for you guys!

Scottish Twins said...

I am so happy and excited for you guys. What a wonderful blessing.

This gives me hope that one day Gabe will outgrow his allergies too!

Kristi Losby said...

God is GOOD!!! I am thrilled for you!! This gives me hope that my sons might outgrow their allergies too!!

Andrea said...

I truly think this is amazing! I have been feeling quite discouraged about our 'sensitivities' and it's so nice to see that hard work CAN pay off! I am much more determined to be more diligent now so that we can have hope for the same results some day...
What a blessing for the WHOLE fam!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

oh my goodness, this is wonderful news! WONDERFUL! i am so happy for you guys! what hope! please keep us posted on this new journey. yay, yay, yay!

nottryingforaboy said...

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. I haven't been blogging or reading blogs for a long while, but I was looking for a dairy/egg free cinnamon roll recipe and I thought you had one. I can't find it, but that is not even important anymore.

I'm so thrilled to read these results, for you, and for all of us that this gives hope to! I'm SO SO SO SO excited for you! And for Witt.

Arunima said...

hey Becky,

Came here from Shobhna's blog. So nice read about the allergy gone. Hugs to you and the boy!

Arunima said...

I don't have a kid yet, but I had tears reading Meghan's comment.

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