Friday, February 29, 2008

Take 5 Friday - Makeup Bag

Over at Organizational Enlightenment there is a challenge called Take 5 Friday. Basically, take 5 minutes and organize something - how easy is that!? This week she has put forth the challenge of organinzing and decluttering the makeup bag!! I don't have a makeup bag per say, but I do have some makeup and a cluttered area in the bathroom that has been needing some attention.

Here's where I keep my makeup.
It's pretty minimal (as far as makeup goes), but I did find some awful pink/purple eyeshadow that I never wear and every time I give it a try it looks terrible - so I chunked it! :) FREEDOM! I also chunked a few other things while I was in there: 1 old mascara, 1 of 2 concealers, a terrible lipstick color for me... those sorts of things.

Here's what it looks like after... not too much difference.

However, I wanted to see a difference in SOMETHING, so I tackled under my bathroom sink as well:

Since I've started working the drugstores' rebates and specials, I've acquired a lot of shapmoos, conditioners, lotions, razors, contact solution, and some free Jane makeup. Here's the best I could do in 5 minutes. At least now I can see everything!

What does your makeup bag look like?

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Christine Rice said...

I think they both look great! I love how organizing one small area gave you inspiration to tackle something else. That's how it works...we see what all can be accomplished in just 5 or 10 minutes and think "I can do that here, or I can spare a few more to tackle this"!
Great job!

Anonymous said...

Well, my makeup bag is a small ziploc storage bag. lol
Eyelash Curler
Brow brush
eyeshadow brushes
Nutrogena hypoalergenic
and contact lens safe brand-
mascara, blush, compact powder,
2 eye shadows. 2 , and lip stick.

Although it's so minimal and light,
God has been touching my heart about wearing make up.
I may not have a makeup kit very long.
I think it was a bad idea to buy the make up in the first place.


Wal-Mart has these really awesome long skirts in all kinds of colors.
and they actually have pockets too.
Check it out!
I was trying to find some for so long!
God provides!
Now I can be more modest!
They really minimize the hips and rear.
I wear mine with a black, dark blue, or dark green mens crew neck shirt.

Also, if you are big chested,
you can use a tank top that is much smaller, for support and minimizing.
the dark shirts help too with this.

Jumpers just don't work for some ladies.
Especially if you are hour glass or spoon shaped.
It can draw attention to the hips and such...

Love in Christ,
Mother Love