Wednesday, February 6, 2008


We had a tornado warning last night. We knew there was a possibility of it before going to sleep last night and around 2:30am Jeff's mom called to let us know they were under a warning and that it was headed our way. They went down to the storm cellar.

Jeff got dressed and hopped on the computer to check out the weather. I started moving things out of the bathroom closet (in the middle of the house) and grabbed my "Black Outs" box that contains working flashlights, candles, etc.

Around 3:00am Jeff told me to wake up Will and bring him to our room; Jeff goes back to the computer. Will must have talked about tornadoes in school yesterday because when I told him a bad storm was on its way he wanted to know if the tornadoes were coming. He wasn't scared, just curious. I answered his questions as best I could.

Shortly after that, the local weather siren blares, Jeff comes in and tells me to get dressed (I was in pjs), get the other boys and head to the bathroom. After getting dressed, I made their "chocolate milk" that they get each morning. I was hoping it would keep Nathan quiet for a little bit as I knew he was going to be grumpy. I put Will in the closet, brought Nathan in and gave them their milks and a flashlight each. They were pretty calm and there wasn't any whining, which was wonderful. I got Witt and strapped him in his carseat (seems like a good thing to do? I guess it would be beneficial if a tornado hit?)

(Yes, I took a picture last night... what sleep deprived blogger wouldn't?)

The four of us stayed in the bathroom listening to the weather alerts while Jeff was watching the weather on the computer. We heard about a tornado touching down in the small town where Jeff's family lives and that it was now headed for us. The wind really starts whipping outside, but Jeff eventually comes in to tell me that the storm has passed us. It's time to go back to bed.

After the boys are asleep, Jeff contacts his family. We were able to check in with everyone except his grandparents. By 4:15 am everyone is asleep in their own beds. At 7:16, here comes Will down the hall to our room... No mention of the night's happenings.

This morning Jeff checks in with the family again. Apparently the house across the street from his grandparent's house is gone (luckily no one lived there). All of the trees except for the ones that could have hit their house are down. How amazing is that?!

Our family is safe, but there has been some damage and the electricity is out. Today they are getting generators going so they can feed the chickens (Jeff's family raises chickens. Not just a few in the yard, but like 20,000 in houses.) Jeff will probably take most of tomorrow off and go help them. I'd help, too, but I think bringing three kids would just make it harder on everyone...

Jeff calls again this morning to tell me that the mother of a good friend, Wendy McD, has been severely injured with a punctured lung and broken ribs because the chimney collapsed on them. There house is gone as well.

I am fortunate that we only sustained a few sleepless hours of sleep. Will was able to go to school today and Witt is currently napping in his own little crib. Nathan is plugged into a video while I write this post. As much as I don't want the tv on, today it is good to let things just be, to be thankful for the normal chores I have to do today, knowing that I don't have to clean up broken trees or sift through pieces of my home. I am one of the lucky ones that gets to lead a normal life today. To enjoy the dailiness one more time.

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Super B's Mom said...

I'm glad to hear ya'll are ok. The tornadoes barely missed us - went about 10 miles to the north of us. My husband got a call this morning that a coworkers house had been destroyed. My sister-in-law's father was trapped in his 18wheeler that had been crushed by power lines and trees. But thankfully, they were able to free him about 9am this morning and he's going to be ok.

I'm so thankful to be safe.
God bless!

Unknown said...

Wow! How did you have the energy to even post today. Glad you are all safe. I've only experienced one tornado when we lived in Tulsa. We slept in a closet that night - my husband, infant daughter, 2 dogs, and me. The worst for us was Hurricane Rita - no electricity for 3 days! Hurricane Katrina didn't do as much damage as that one. Anyway, wanted to let you know that I'm adding you to my list of blogs that I like to read. Thanks for the visits.

Unknown said...

So glad you're all OK! I have this completely irrational fear of tornadoes. I live in the mountains, and frankly they're pretty rare here. Bad storms freak me out. :-Z

reprehriestless warillever said...

I'm glad to hear that you are okay.

I said a prayer for your in-laws and neighbors.

Jenny said...

I'm here via Mom Unplugged, and I'm so glad that you and your family are OK! My husband works for the National Weather Service in Oklahoma, so I've got a very good idea of what a scary time you all went through.

laurel said...

I bet that experience really does bring the blessings of Dailiness home. The weather ya'll had last night is headed for us this evening. My friend, Amanda, is on her way here with her children to stay the night. Both of our hubbies are on a ski trip and she is terrified of storms. Hopefully it won't be too bad, but I have flashlights and snacks and such ready to go. We have a bathroom in the middle of our house, so we will head there if we need to.
I am glad that no one in your family sustained any injuries to person or property.

Lulu said...

Talk about putting a hedge around you! I'm glad to hear your family is well, and hopefully power will be up soon.

I have to say that I am thouroughly impressed that at 3 AM you had the presence of mind to get a blackout box and make chocolate milk.

nottryingforaboy said...

wow, I'm glad you're all ok. How scary. I've never been through anything like that in my life.

I, too, am surprised you had the energy to post today.

Monkey Kisses said...

I am glad to hear you are all safe.. that is so scary!

Lisa said...

I glad you guys are all okay. This weather has been crazy everywhere!
My kids would've thought the whole bathroom hideout thing was fun, but I am very scared of Tornados. We have had a few close calls out here on the prarie!
I don't know how you can blog though...I'd be on the couch having a nap!