Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Daa Doo

While sitting at the table for supper, Will was commending that his chair had arms and the other's didn't. I told him that it was called a "Captain's Chair" and then of course he asked, "Why?" Jeff told him that the captain is in charge and should sit at the head of the table. Will, realizing he was sitting at the side of the table, said, "Well, this Captain's chair is at the belly."

Poor Nathan. He's had some sort of stomach bug that has lasted almost two weeks now... resulting in some pretty bad diaper rash from time to time. It must really sting, because he would tell us, "Huut. Cab, " while signing crab (which looks like you are scissoring your index and middle fingers). Basically he was saying that his hiney hurt and it felt like he was being pinched by a crab... poor little guy.

Witt's favorite thing to do right now is to come out from behind a corner and scream, "AAAHHH!" We play along and pretend to be scared. It's a fun family game that everyone joins in on!

He also likes to go around the house yelling, "Ma!" and then I yell back, "Witt!" We do this over and over again until he finds me... sort of like the game MaroPolo.

He also does a really good job with "Hi" or "Hey" and says "Dy Dy" while opening and closing his little hand for "Bye Bye".

My favorite right now, though, is "Daa Doo" for "Thank You"... so very sweet!

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Julie said...

Love the baby words! When the words start it is hard to stop them!

Poor little hiney! Have you tried PINXAV? It works the best!

Super B's Mom said...

Awww Da Doo!! I love it!!

The boys are all so handsome. =)

Anonymous said...

The captain's chair at the belly made me laugh. What is it about little guys that makes their brains think like that! I love it!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

OK - Will is one smart fellow! The "belly" - how awesome!

Hope the hiney feels better...poor guy!

Love that baby - reminds me of D's stages!

Happy TTT

Andrea said...

I love playing fun yelling games with the kids. They get so excited to be able to let go and belt something out - especially if they think thay are surprising the mommy!
These are so cute!

Dana said...

aww how cute.
I hope the hiney feels better soon.