Friday, July 11, 2008

My Three Sons

Just look at those sweet faces! I love these pictures!! I have people tell me they all look alike and I think they are crazy blind! LOL! To me they are each so different. There are more similarities between Will and Witt (besides their names), I think, but they are still their own little selves.

Here's where some of the physical differences come from:

Jeff has an Indian bloodline. His grandmother is 1/2 Cherokee. I also have Indian in my family, but further back. That's where the darker skin comes from in Will and Witt. Jeff's brother has more of the olive tone than Jeff and my uncle has more of the olive tone than my dad. So both Jeff and I are the more fair complected in our respective families.

When I was pregnant with Will, I used to tease that we light-skinned folks really could end up with brown little babies... and I guess we did in two of them! Poor little Nathan, though, even his pediatrician dubbed him a lily-white boy. LOL!

When Will was about 1 year old, I had a lady (that I didn't know) tell me that I let Will play in the sun too much because he was so tan. I told her that's just the color he is. She retorted with, "Well, what color is his butt? If it's the same color as the rest of him, then I'd believe you." Of course I didn't show her his butt! That night though, while in the tub, I double checked (because you know I want to be a good mom) and sure enough... no tan line.

Nathan looks so much like Jeff it's crazy... especially when you look at Jeff's younger years. Same oval shaped head... same big brown eyes... oh, and the lack of hair helps, too! :)

Witt, well... I think I finally got one that looks more like me!

No matter who they look like, we can't and would never deny them!

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laurel said...

Man, when I saw that baby picture of you, I thought it was Will!! But I agree that it looks like Witt too. :)

Tracy said...

Really cute pic's! Isn't is amazing how different three little boys can be? People tell me also that my three all look the same but as their mommy it's hard to see. I won't be around this week to participate in the dirty baby contest were off to camping.

4funboys said...

how true, how true.

aren't you just amazed at the things people feel free to say???

how about you ask granny... show me your butt and I'll show you his...

no, better not to scare him.

I better go to bed. You know your cranky and needing sleep when even your comments are grouchy.

BUT... your boys are cute, and perfectly made just how He made them.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I love how the genes can mix up over and over in totally different ways! Cute pics!