Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Metropolitan Readiness Test (MRT)

The basic purpose of this test is to assess a child's development of beginning reading and mathematics skills. The kindergarten class at Will's elementary school took the test last week and the results came in today.

Will did exceptionally well!

Beginning Reading Skill Area: 35 out of 36

Story Comprehension Skill Area: 25 out of 26

Quantitative Skill Area: 26 out of 28

National Percentile Rank: 98-99%

(99% being the highest possible % ... they don't rank to 100%)

I'm so glad he's doing well academically, but at the same time now I feel like I have proof that he is in fact bored. :/

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Super B's Mom said...

WAY TO GO WILL!!! I hope that this can give you some amount of comfort, knowing that he exceeds many of his peers in academics.

He's one smart cookie!

laurel said...

Did you decide if you are going to keep him in school or homeschool him? I don't remember reading what you had decided...

Deborah said...

Congratulations Will! I am so PROUD of you and your achievement!!!

Congratulations to you, too, Mom!! Way to go!!! You are teaching all three so well!!!

Anonymous said...


That's a really great score! Could you kindly let me know how did you achieve it? Can you mention some reading books??


Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...


We didn't do any preparations for the test. He did attend preschool for a few days a week prior to kindergarten, though.

Will has always been an inquisitive child and we've always tried to answer his questions and explain how things work. I honestly think he is just naturally a bright child.

I think most any reading would be good. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. :)


Anonymous said...

hi i was wondering where you got the test from. I want to do this for my kid but am not sure where to find the test. could you help. thanks

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

Anonymous~ He took the test in kindergarten while he was in public school. Sorry, I have no idea how to get the test otherwise. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I am a Kindergarten teacher who may have to give this test. I was looking up stuff about the test on google and found your site. If you think your son needs more chalenging work at home, I would suggest Primary Phonics workbooks. They are amazing!

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