Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Don't Need That, Please

Just got off the phone with the telephone/internet provider and requested that my unnecessary charges be removed. It was much easier than I was expecting and now we will have $25.95 more each month in our pocket. That's a bunch of money! Luckily I noticed it now instead of month's later!

I also asked how much the internet would be if we weren't bundling it with our local/long distance (we'd just use our cell phones). The internet charge will be only $5 more than what we're currently paying. If we can get rid of the house phone, that will be another $35 a month!

So, now I'm off to check out some sort of holder for my phone to keep it attached to me (I can't hear it in my pocket and it's uncomfortable). I'm also going to look into other internet providers.

Who is your internet provider? What speed do you use? and if you'd be willing to share, how much do you pay?

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Unknown said...

Wow! You're not paying a whole lot of money. Actually, we just called and had some things taken off of our bill and it saved us about $40.00.

We have a bundle with Cox, with internet, phone, and cable. I switched to the lowest speed of internet and honestly I can't tell a real difference. So that saved us a little. Also, we got rid of all the unnecessary features of our phone service. Something inside me just can't get rid of a land line. My husband says we should just use our cells. Anyway, all we have is basic phone with caller ID and call waiting. I got rid of long distance (because we can use our cell phones for that) and voicemail (we got a $20 answering machine instead of paying monthly). As far as cable goes, we just have expanded cable (72 channels), mainly for Disney Channel. We got rid of some of our other features with that too, but i could not get rid of the DVR. How would I watch any of the shows I like?

So, there you go. Probably more than you wanted to know.

CC said...

We don't have long distance. And we just changed our DSL so for the same price as before, our connection is 6x faster. Score!

Kayris said...

We have Verizon. I don't know how much we pay, actually, because my H set it all up and the bill goes on his credit card monthly because we have rewards cards.

We dumped our landline about 18 months ago because no one was calling us besides his parents, mine and telemarketers. We have a family plan with cell phones so it is free to call anyone else with Verizon and to call each other. The only time I wished we still had a landline was when my son hid my phone in the couch and it took me 2 days to find it.

I think our speed is 54mbps and that has been plenty.

Keep in mind though that your internet provider might charge you more if you don't have a landline. Verizon does, but it evens out in the end for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
Up here in Chicagoland we have Comcast cable internet and basic cable tv for about $60 a month. We got rid of our land line too since we didn't use it, but I did get a Vonage phone line that stays at the house, for babysitters, emergencies, and whatnot- hoping and praying that when it's needed the cable won't be down!! That was another 25 bucks a month for the phone. I was sick of the land line company (Ameritech, AT&T) charging all these extra fees, and the taxes were ridiculous! We were paying at least $40 a month for our land line, and that was after asking for fees to be removed.
Hope that helps!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Becky, We have comcast and pay$60.50 for cable internet and basic TV channels. (1-28 around here - no disney...ugh)

We have Vonage phones and pay $29.99 a month for full service with all of the features of call waiting, forwarding, ID, etc...includes local and ALL long distance)

Good luck!

Jolanthe said...

Our land line is around $33 and include long distance, voicemail, caller id, etc... through Verizon. It's worth it for us since all of our family is long distance. We had tried Vonage and Lingo and so will not go that route again. We do have a cell phone too, but I'm half tempted to get rid of it.

We have our internet through our cable company and pay a little more for that. We have the broadcast cable (a little known tier of cable that only runs about $13/mo) and we get the major networks and a few other channels clearly. And actually, we have some bleeder channels, so Yeah for us! :) The internet cable is a little more ($45), but so absolutely worth it to us. :)