Friday, April 4, 2008

Simple & Slow Fridays: Healing

Next Friday's posting idea comes from the chapter Healing in Mitten Strings for God. Here are my chosen excerpts to get our thoughts flowing:

Bumps and bruises, aches and pains - they are the inevitable, minor irritations of childhood, as universal as a bad dreams and runny noses. We are inclined to dispense a quick hug and a reassuring word, and to carry on. (p 100)

But sometimes our children are really asking for more from us than a perfunctory response, and that is when we must minister not only to the skinned knee, but to an inner need as well. It does no good to advise a weeping child that the pain will go away on its own. We are mothers, after all, and it is our job to do something. And so I created the "hurt basket," a treasure chest of magical lotions, potions and healing aids. ... To an adult, a Band-Aid may be nothing but a sticky plastic strip; but to a child it is a badge of honor, imbued with magical healing properties. Be grateful, and stock up. (p 100 - 101)

When we minister to our children with love and care, we teach them to care for others in return. Through our own loving example, we show the healing way, opening their hearts to the needs of those around them. (p 102)

The day will come, of course, when our small ministrations are no longer enough to ease our children's pains, but until then, we can stock their emotional larders with a bounty of love and tenderness, precious stores for the future. (p 103)

Do you have a "healing basket"? I'd love to see a picture... well, really I'm curious if anyone out there stocks more bandages than I do! :)

Doesn't your heart just soar when you see your child tending to another hurt child?! Do you have a child with a huge heart? a more loving nature? Not that the other children don't have a loving nature, but a child that has more than another? (I do... can you guess which one?)

This week, think about healing and how you set the example for your children to minister to others in need. Do you make a point of teaching it or do you just let the experiences come as they may? I'd love to know!

Be back next Friday to post your thoughts on Healing; this week, post your thoughts on Surrender.

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4funboys said...

I love the idea of putting together a basket...

I've got tons of stuff, but we're not the organized type around here- We go through them like water, so we have them in stragegic locations throughout the house!

imagine that!