Friday, April 25, 2008

Simple & Slow Fridays: Listening - Post Your's Here

The second morning during our week with no tv was an early one for me. Witt did not sleep well through the night due to two ear infections and Will and Nathan both woke up early. I made the boys their morning hot chocolates as usual and I headed to the sunroom to get on the computer because all I wanted to do was veg-out.

When I opened the door to the sunroom, the first thing I noticed was the coolness. The room is not heated or cooled with the rest of the house, so it was obviously pretty cool outside. That's also when I noticed I had two little boys right on my heels because they had no tv to watch.

I opened the door from the sunroom to the outside. A fresh breeze blew in with a chill and we could hear the birds chirping. I told the boys, "Let's sit down and just listen to the birds together. Don't they sound pretty?"

We snuggled up in our oversized recliner under a handmade quilt, Nathan on my lap and Will next to me. We sat there for a few minutes together not saying anything. I was just listening to the birds chirping and the boys slurping the hot chocolate through their sippy cups.

Then Will asked, "Can I sit on your lap, too? Nathan on one leg and me on the other?" So, that's what we did... and it was just so sweet and wonderful to snuggle with my boys, not saying much of anything, but listening just the same.

(Click here for next week's topic of Nature.)

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Super B's Mom said...

Precious. Just precious.

Lulu said...

Those are sweet moments, aren't they? I wish someone were around to fix me some hot chocolate in a sippy cup!

My name is Dianna said...

sorry to have disappered, i live in the hospital now...i just gave a small update on my blog. hope you are doing well. i have had great opportunity for prayer and keep you and yours lifted up. just wanted to let you know.

Elaine A. said...

That sounds like an absolutely lovely morning! Such sweetness!