Saturday, April 12, 2008

Simple & Slow Fridays: Listening

Excerpts from Mitten Strings for God:

In this noisy world of ours, there are times when the only way to be heard at all is to shout about the din. We scream for attention, one voice raised above the multitudes, and hope our children hear us. And the children themselves clamor, squeal, and yell - they are exuberant creatures, bursting with sound and energy. But within each child there is also an innate talent for listening that deserves to be honored and encouraged. (p 104)

We give our children a great gift when we help them to tune in to the muted sounds of earth and sky, of soul and spirit. It is a joyful lesson, offered in the spirit of play, even as they learn the discipline of listening. All we need to do is lead them into quiet moments and allow them to open their ears. (p 106)

Find a dry spot to sit with your child on a sunny winter day and listen to the snow melt - you will both be astonished at the subtle symphony of sound. Sit in the car together, before you turn the key in the ignition, and listen to rain fall on the roof. Ask your children to listen to the world around them for two to three minutes - and then compare impressions of what each of you heard. Listen to a cat purr, and notice all the variations in tone and tempo. Listen to a bee as it takes nectar from a flower. We can all find a moment in every day for listening, a moment in which we gather our children close, open our ears, and luxuriate in the sounds of our world, wherever we may be. (p 107)

What do you like to listen to?

Take a few moments with your kids and listen. Come back next week to let us know what you heard.

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