Monday, September 1, 2008

Double Decker Room

Will has been asking to share a room with Nathan. The more we thought about it, the more Jeff and I liked the idea. Will's room would become a study/guest bedroom with my desk and the sofa-bed. We could turn the sunroom into a full playroom (no toys in the bedrooms)! It would be great to shut the door on all the toys and not worry about them being EVERYWHERE!

So, we talked with Will about it so he understood that he'd have to share his trains and all the toys. We also talked about how he wouldn't be able to keep Nathan out of the room as it would be his, too. He said, "Ok, I'll share!". We discussed this at least three different times jsut to make sure and each time he was very excited to share his room and his toys.

So, while Will was at Grandmother's, Jeff and I labored on Labor Day. We rearranged Nathan's room and added Will's stuff. We literally just dumped all the toys in the sunroom (to be cleaned and organized later). His wooden train set was boxed up and left in his (old) room until we can make room for it in the sunroom. He still has access to it and can still play with it.

Here's the finished product:

Shared closet! Jeff lowered Will's side so he can still pick out his own clothes and hang them up. We also moved Nathan's bookshelf into the closet. I want to keep books in the rooms. I know it's not organized, but we're still working on it... :)

This is Nathan's side with all the Curious George stickers (and the John Deere Tractor pillow case!).

Will's side is of course decorated in Thomas the Train:

We even have a Thomas switch cover and a Curious George switch cover.

Later that night, Will said, "Thank you for our double decker room! I really like it!" It took me a minute to figure out what he was saying because he does know what a double-decker bus is. I was thinking maybe he was wanting bunk beds or something, but then I realized, "Do you mean that you like it double decorated? Thomas and George?". With a cute little nod and a "yep" I had the explaination I needed. So there you have it, our double-decker room! :)

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laurel said...

Awe, I think it is great that Will wanted to share a room. And I bet it will be nice to have the new configuration with all the rooms. Caed and Landing share...and Bauer will be joining them next summer. I have three twin beds in a row with metal numbers above them. I love them sharing a room!

mom24 said...

Great job! We have 2 boys sharing but one is still in a crib so we don't really have ownership issues yet. Only problem so far is that our 7yo gets up at 7am for school and I want the 2yo to keep sleeping. I guess it'll all hash out soon enough. They love sharing the room though!

Beth said...

Aaron and Eli share a room now. We took apart bunk beds and put them both on the floor. Aaron has Spiderman (althought THINKS he's Spiderman!) and Eli's side has Diego (Dora's the Explorer's amigo).

Eli's old room did become the playroom, but we still have toys all over the house. I need to implement a nightly clean-up routine! :-)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Such a cute name for the room! It does look great. We love having the girls share a room - it is really bonding for them! Good luck - there was a period of adjustment!