Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of PRESCHOOL!!!

Tuesday was Nathan's first day of preschool. He will attend two days per week for 4 hours each day. It's kind of like a mother's-day-out program, but it's a structured school as well. Nathan is in the two year old class and is starting school a year earlier than we sent Will. We're hoping that a couple of days with other kids his age will help him continue speaking more. He's doing really well, but I'm hopefull that the interaction will do him some good. :)

I've already warned the teacher that Nathan signs and she's asked for a list of a few of his common signs. I'm quite pleased with the teacher in that she is very willing to help. She's also agreed not to send home any milk products in Nathan's backpack (sometimes they get Tootsie Pops sent home for a special treat; I'll be providing an alternative for him).

Nathan went to school decked out in John Deere. JD shirt that reads "My Best Friend", JD backpack, and a JD lunchbox. His shoes have a digger on them. This boys loves him some tractors! :)

Just Nathan in the car today! Will was alraady at school and Witt was taking a nap (Grandmother was home to watch him).

The hallway of the preschool is adorably painted:

We were the last to arrive. There was one seat left at the corner of the table. Nathan went and sat right down and started coloring. I could tell he was a little unsure of himself, but he did well. (We did a "meet the teacher" last week, so he was already a little familiar with everything.)

One last picture as I stepped out the door...

When I picked him up, he was sound SOUND asleep on his mat. He got a 30 minute nap and that was it. This is going to be the only drawback with the timing. They have a period of quite time where the turn out the lights and all the kids have to sit/lay on their mats. I knew Nathan had a rough nights sleep the night before (being that we had combined the boys' bedrooms and Will said he was in and out of his bed all night long...)

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Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

you must tell this teacher that you like her room. it is welcoming but not cluttered. almost all preschools- and elem classes for that matter - are cluttered beyond recognition and are such a distraction. tell her to resist adding the children's art work to the walls - or create ONE special spot for that sort of thing... my son was so overwhelmed in his wonderful hearing impaired 'visual' preschool. NOw if i could only get my own homeschool house to look that neat and tidy. workin' on it!

mom24 said...

So glad it went well! I'm sure he'll like it (and so will you)!