Friday, September 12, 2008

I have a SIX YEAR OLD!!!!

Wow! Time flies! SIX. YEARS. OLD.

I brought a cookie cake to Will's kindergarten class for his birthday. He said he wanted a green train with a yellow number 6 on it. Done...

All of his classmates sang Happy Birthday and clapped. They were all just so cute! (I blanked out the faces though, for security... don't want to be sued either... lol.)

Then at home we had a cake for Will. He chose yellow icing and a bunch of different colored sprinkles (which he put on the cake all by himself... good job!). He also chose 3 yellow and 3 blue candles.

Makin' a wish and blowing out the candles!

Will asked for a plastic Thomas the train transformer. I couldn't find anything that fit that description, so I probed him for some more information. He said that Thomas' face changes. Well, I found a James that changed faces and it came with Boulder Mountain. He was very excited to add to his collection!Happy Birthday, William! Love you!

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