Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just Sorting Through Some Lists

Books I've Started and want to finish (in no order and there are several I don't care to finish that I did not list)

1. Scream Free Parenting
2. Getting Things Done
3. All New Square Foot Gardening
4. Mitten Strings for God (3rd read through)
5. The Bible, of course! :)
6. Heloise from A to Z
7. A Penny Saved

I love paperbackswap, can you tell?

Books I've Finished this year

1. Tightwad Gazette

2. The Digital Photography Book
3. Total Money Makeover
4. A SLEW of children's books

Wish List Books (no order):

1. The Hidden Art of Homemaking
2. More-With-Less Cookbook
3. My Sweet Vegan
4. Nourishing Traditions
5. Putting Food By
6. The Encyclopedia of Country Living

Someday/Maybe Random List of things to do

1. Learn how to sew (anything)
2. Stop using paper towels, plates, and napkins completely (hey, maybe I could start by sew some napkins!)
3. Travel to Spain on a guided tour. (I might as well throw in the big stuff, huh?!)

Things I want to do "soon"

1. Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop.
2. Decide if I want to give a winter garden a try
3. Check out this Through the Lens workshop
4. Plant something in the front of the house
5. Read through Pioneer Woman's Photography blog
6. Get my grocery bill under $100 a week. (including diapers)
7. Complete potty-training with Nathan (although this is more up to him than me...)
8. Bring the scrapbooks up to date so I can get rid of my scrapbooking stuff now that blogging has taken it's place.
9. Lose 30 pounds. Ok, 35.
10. Start using an allowance with Will.
11. Finish reading this series on Raising Godly Offspring. I'm on week 3.
12. Declutter and have a yard sale (planned for Nov 1)
13. Update my monthly meal plan.

I think it's time to stop making these lists and go finish book #2 on my "started list"...

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Tara said...

Great Lists!!! It's funny how often I need to remind myself to make a list and actually complete it!!!!